Behind the scenes at our new forever home!

Behind the scenes at our new forever home!

It’s a little after seven on Monday, March 15. The bulbs have bloomed. The stems have been cut. The chrysanthemums have been bundled. The sugary smell of red roses fills the air. And Meghan and Harry are still on the morning news!

But we feel blooming marvellous!

This morning is typical for Fig & Bloom since we moved into our brand-spanking-new Camperdown studio. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Every day we wake up with a cup of tea and a simple philosophy:

To banish the basic bouquet!

We opened our sunny studio a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been sowing the seeds of success ever since. We love it here. We’re a couple of blocks east of the art store and a couple of blocks south of the park.

Everything feels right.

This place feels like home. Our forever home.

We were afraid at first. Moving from Alexandria, where we had been for two years, in the middle of a pandemic scared us. But, after a tough year for everyone, we now realize this was the best decision we ever made.

Let us explain why.

Our studio is bright and breezy. Our landlord is awesome. (Hey, Bill!) And we have an enormous space — 300m2, to be exact. (Our teeny-tiny studio in Alexandria measured just 63m2.)

We’ve come up roses.

Florist in Camperdown Seeks Companions!

All this studio space got us thinking. We’d love to get to know our neighbours better, so we’re calling all Campberdowners to sign up for our fortnightly workshops. We want to create a shared community space where locals can gossip, sip tea, and learn some new skills. Not just flower arranging but earing-making and cupcake-baking. (The Great Camperdown Bake Off, perhaps?)

We’re still in the brainstorming phase, but we’ve already reached out to local artists and small business owners, and they’re just as excited as us. Follow us on Insta, and we’ll let you know dates and times.

Whoops, a daisy. Many of you haven’t seen the new studio yet. So let us take you on a guided tour.

Welcome to Our Crib!

As soon as you walk through our front door on Australia Street — find us on the former site of Amazing Paints, a Camperdown institution! — you’ll notice a cornucopia of colourful concoctions. Here’s where you’ll discover our signature bouquets — breath-taking bunches of carnations, chrysanthemums, and caladiums. And petals in all shades — apricot pastels, shimmery silvers, and the pinkest of pinks. We’ve named our truly terrific bouquets after some of the most exotic locations on the planet: Cannes, Verona, and Bora Bora, to name just a few. (The closest we Aussies will get to international travel for a while!)

Walk around the studio, and you’ll stumble upon a treasure trove of candles, cards, and choccies. Keep exploring, and you’ll find bubbly beverages and meticulously-manicured plants. (Pick up a treat for mum. Mother’s Day is May 9!)

Look up, and you’ll see our new office on the mezzanine. It’s the bustling hub of our flower business. (No, not really. It’s where we do all the boring paperwork!) We also built a 50m2 cool room that keeps our flowers as fresh as a daisy.

In Case You Missed It!

We held two 90-minute workshops on March 6 (opening day), where guests learned to make our beautiful Osaka or Broome bouquets. Jenny, our senior designer, and I hosted the events, and it was astonishing to see so many blokes show up. (Nope, flowers aren’t just for girls.)

Here’s a quick recap:

  • An incredible barista called Penny from Coffee on Cue served free coffees to everyone walking by the studio. (Huge thanks to Ryan, Josh, and everyone at Coffee on Cue for welcoming us to the neighbourhood!)
  • We gave out freebies throughout the day, including a free bouquet to everyone who purchased flowers.
  • We handed out loyalty cards to guests. (Earn a free vase after five orders and a free bouquet after ten orders.)

Did you attend our opening day? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a note in the comments section!

News in Bloom

What else is new?

We asked local artist Anastasia Gladushchenko (also known as Nastia) to paint us a fabulous floral mural along the studio’s sidewall. It’s going to be incredible. Oh, and we plan to host regular creative events in the studio. Hopefully, every night of the week. (Well, except Sunday. We need to rest sometime!)

Phew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Flower Delivery Camperdown

Before we go, a quick reminder:

  • You can pop into the studio and browse our gorgeous collection.
  • You can order online and click and collect goodies from the studio. (Don’t forget to enter the store address at checkout and choose the Pickup delivery option.)
  • You can find our forever home at 62-64 Australia St, Camperdown NSW.

Until next time, Kellie xx

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