Cheers to 2023! Celebrate the New Year With a Drink On Us!

Cheers to 2023! Celebrate the New Year With a Drink On Us!

Here at Fig & Bloom, we’re passionate about sourcing our flowers locally. This ensures our Australian suppliers are able to provide us with beautiful blooms for many years to come. Sustainability is important to us, and sourcing locally helps us achieve that.

Championing local suppliers is at the top of our New Year’s resolutions and we want to stick to it! This is where our friends at Naked Wines come in. Naked Wines sell lovingly handcrafted, local wines directly to their customers. They’re cutting out the middle man and connecting you with independent Aussie winemakers and their huge range of delicious varieties. This means you pay up to 40% less than at the bottle shop and local winemakers get to work their magic!

To say thank you for your support in 2022 (and to make sure we don’t break our resolution) we have partnered with Naked Wines to offer you $100 off your first case of wine delivered directly to your door!

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Resolution #1 shop locally – check!

Resolution # 2…..

Looking for more inspiration to fill your resolutions list?

We can guarantee a flower-filled year with 6 resolutions to inspire and delight flower lovers! So join us for a fun (and floral) year ahead.

Floral New Year’s resolutions for 2023

Have a flower-filled year

For all the flower lovers out there, this resolution is an easy one: bring more blooms into your world. Scientific research links flowers and nature with improved psychological health. Flowers are known to boost well-being and induce a more positive outlook on life. But more than just a dose of happiness, research has shown that the impact can last for days. Even a simple bouquet can go a long way in brightening your mood.

You could consider signing up for a fresh flower subscription for a long-lasting dose of sunshine. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you can receive seasonal blooms on a regular basis. Or gift one to a friend! It’s the perfect extended present to chase those January blues away.

Random acts of kindness

We love random acts of kindness. Whether it’s leaving a thoughtful note on a colleague’s desk, or treating a stranger to their cup of coffee, there’s no better way to spread the love in the New Year. Random Acts of Kindness Day (yep, there’s an official day) is coming up on February 17th, but why wait until then?

Drop a small gift at your neighbour’s door. Pop a bouquet on a park bench for a stranger to find. Or pick up the phone and call an old friend. We could all use a little more kindness in our lives.

Shop sustainably

Sustainability is something we take seriously here at Fig & Bloom. From the flowers we source to the suppliers we work with, we’re constantly trying to find ways to improve our processes and minimise waste. We strive to make the best decisions for our customers and our planet. And 2023 is no different.

We’re all about making the good things last. And a great way to do this with your favourite blooms is by transforming them into something new and exciting – like a dried bouquet! Before your fresh flowers start to wilt and wither away, separate individual blooms from the bouquet and dry them to use in a beautiful floral arrangement or as potpourri. Our founder Kellie has created a simple, step-by-step dedicated to drying flowers, so you can enjoy them forever. Watch now!

If dried flowers aren’t your thing, why not alternate your fresh flowers with a house plant or two for a more sustainable option? Indoor plants inject life into any room and encourage a more calming and peaceful atmosphere. If treated with care, house plants can last a lifetime, plus they use far less compost, water, and car trips than fresh blooms!

cook with edible flowers

Cook with edible flowers

Many of us want to start the New Year in a healthy fashion. But eating healthily doesn’t need to be boring. Why not experiment with flavours and texture by adding edible flowers to your meals? Spruce up a salad, decorate a dessert, or add a pop of colour to your favourite dish.

Many edible flowers are easy to grow at home too! Just remember, not all flowers are edible, so check before you buy. Want some inspo on what flowers to include? Take a look at our favourites.

Get out in nature

Being surrounded by nature has long been known to lift our mood and relieve stress. Nature helps us focus and provides a wonderful respite for our overactive minds. One of our favourite New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time in nature. Whether that’s just sitting outside, listening to the birds, or taking a walk along the beach, an hour a day will do wonders for your mood.

Connecting through flowers

Here at Fig & Bloom, we know how much joy and comfort a bunch of flowers can bring. And this year, we’re all about gifting flowers ‘just because’ rather than a special occasion. The most meaningful gifts are often unexpected, so why not embrace the power of flowers and show someone how much you care.

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Bring on 2023

The New Year offers the opportunity for a fresh start. So whether you’ve given yourself some strict goals of getting back to the gym, eating more greens, or travelling to a far-off destination, just remember to go easy on yourself. No matter what 2023 holds, make time for your loved ones, make time for yourself, and most importantly, have a fun and fabulous flower-filled year!

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