Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Decorate Your Home This Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And at Fig and Bloom, we try our hardest to source seasonal flowers from local farms. This Christmas, we’re more passionate than ever about using our Native flora to give a spectacular spin on the classic festive decorations we know and love.

And of course, while we talk about how to decorate our homes with care this Christmas, we have to spotlight some of our favourite festive flowers! So put down that Poinsettia, and take a look at what Australia has to put on the table.

eucalyptus christmas wreath

Fig & Bloom’s top 3 Christmas flower & foliage styling ideas

#1 A festive wreath

There’s really nothing better to greet your guests in the festive period than a halo of holly and berries on your front door. Traditional mainstays of Christmas wreaths include European holly, ivy, and clippings from fir trees – but the addition of our native foliage and flowers can make a stunning and fresh alternative.

Eucalyptus makes for a great fir replacement as a base foliage. Combine it with our own native holly, and you’re on to a winner. Hypericum berries can be used as a stand-in for holly berries, adding a pop of festive colour. For a less traditional look, trade in Red Flowering Gum for that gorgeous splash of colour. Their leaves could also provide some extra foliage, and their distinctive red flowers offer a unique flair.

christmas flower styling
Festive favourite: Waratah

These gorgeous bright red blooms have been used as Christmas decorations in Australia for nearly 200 years. The flower heads are actually made of as many as 240 individual flowers, and their name comes from an Eora Aboriginal word meaning “Seen from afar”. They make a bold addition to any bouquet, arrangement or Christmas wreath, and deserve to take pride of place.

#2 A classic garland

You can’t beat a classic garland on your mantelpiece or wrapped around your banister. The Australia native White Cyprus works as the perfect base foliage for any garland, and pairs beautifully with the red and gold brush-like flowers of the Bottle Brush. The delicate flowers of the Christmas Bush are also a must have, either providing the perfect complement with vivid red blooms, or striking contrast with white ones.

Festive Favourite: Kangaroo Paw

With bright yellow to red flowers in fuzzy finger-like shapes, the name Kangaroo Paws comes at no surprise! Over the years, these unique blooms have become increasingly popular as cut flowers. Their deep Christmassy red and gold tones and striking shape mean they’d make a unique statement piece and add interesting texture to your garland, or even a festive bouquet.

#3 A striking centrepiece

No Christmas feast is complete without a phenomenal centre piece at the heart of it. Luckily, Australia is home to an abundance of incredible plants that pack a real punch.

The flowers of the Australian Christmas Tree (also known as a Moodjar) can’t be left out. Their gorgeous golden yellow-orange flowers will give your centrepiece an irresistibly luxurious feel. Red Amaryllis is a quintessential festive flower, and its pretty red flowers are key to a beautiful seasonal centrepiece. Yellow-tipped Christmas Bells have the ultimate festive look, perfectly encompassing their namesake. These wonderfully red, bell-shaped flowers will round out any table dressing.

native flowers for christmas
Festive favourites: Sturt’s Desert Pea & Christmas Orchid

The Sturt Desert Pea is an iconic Australia native. With unmistakable black and red leaflike flowerheads, they will make for an unusual and incomparable addition to any arrangement. They also do very well in pots, and are an excellent alternative to gifting poinsettias at Christmas!

Meanwhile, the lovely Christmas Orchid is celebrated for its beautiful white flowerheads, which are said to look like flying white cranes. These could be used in a floral arrangement or potted at the heart of your centrepiece. The Christmas orchid is also a great gift idea for the ones you love.

It’s time to find the beauty around us

With a roundup of such fantastic native options to decorate with this Christmas, we’re sure you’re as excited as we are to get to it! But whether you’re crafting the perfect wreath, garland or table dressing, we want to remind you to harvest responsibly when you go hunting for the treasures your backyard has to offer.

If you’re not picking them yourself, try and find a supplier who sources flowers and foliage locally – and with sustainability in mind. That way, you reduce the chance of over foraging our beautiful native flora, and you can give back to the local community. It’s a win-win! We always try our best to do the same – so don’t forget to check out our exciting range of Christmas flowers & gifts.

Let’s get decorating!

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