Fashion Meets Flowers For Louvelle’s Trade Show Stand

Fashion Meets Flowers For Louvelle’s Trade Show Stand

This was one fun brief to work on. Fashion meets flowers? Right up our alley!

Our client Louvelle approached us to help the brand stand out from the masses, at a busy trade event.

Louvelle is an Australian-founded beautiful brand, which creates an array of luxury stylish shower caps, eye masks and head scarves for women. Founded by Simone Taylor, who started with the brand's first and now flagship product - the luxury shower turban. As a busy mum, Simone knew there was a better way to protect blow dries and up dos, than throw away plastic caps.

It turns out that others agreed. The brand starting gaining huge traction after Oprah featured the turban on her 2017 'Must Haves' and now the brand is stocked across the globe.

Louvelle at Life InStyle

Today, Simone is taking the brand even further by showcasing at a four-day fashion trade show event - Life InStyle.

It's a big deal for retail businesses and there's over 400+ exhibitors! That's a huge number and so Louvelle really needed to stand out from the crowd.

Flowers are the ideal way to do this. They act as a talking point and attract a lot of attention. Even if someone isn't a customer, or aware of your business, there's a high chance that they'll see the flowers and approach your stand, because of that.

With this in mind, we created a triptych of gorgeous flowers, each matching the brand's own colours. The trio consisted of a small and larger vase display, alongside a wall installation.

Each contained a mixture of pink roses, draping white orchids, proud Pampas Grass and puffs of white cotton plant, framed by a gold-sprayed palm fan.

The metallic also match the gold branding of the logo on the wall perfectly. We do love it when everything aligns!

Louvelle at Life InStyle

Louvelle at Life InStyle

Louvelle at Life InStyle

Break down of the flowers and plants used:

  • The vintage pink and fuchsia Columbian roses, both feature a dark green, glossy stem and work perfectly well together, whilst adding lots of colour variance and depth to the look.
  • Cortaderia selloana, commonly known as pampas grass, is native to southern South America, and is named after the Pampas region in which it grows! These Instagram-worthy plants are popping up all over Pinterest and really are a great way to make an impression.
  • The white cotton plant is a fun addition to a bouquet and adds a soft backdrop to allow other colours to really pop. It grows in tufts from the cotton plant, which is a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world.
  • The elegant Phalaenopsis Orchids (also known as the Moth Orchid) drape over the vases perfectly and are a visual treat. They are one of the longest blooming flowers in the orchid family and work well in most arrangements, but are also stunning by themselves.
  • The palm-leaf fronds fanned out as the idea backdrop to the bouquets. Once they're dry, palm leaves take on an entirely different look and become more texture and sculptural. We sprayed these gold, as mentioned above and it really created a lovely finish.

The wall installation really was a great way to capture the attention of passers by and helped to convey the brand feel of luxury, softness and beautiful design.

Flowers really can serve a lasting first impression and when so many people are walking past your stand, you want that first impression to create a memory of your business too.

And they definitely created an impression on Simone too!

“Our flower obsession was in full force at our stand at Life InStyle. A big thank you to Fig & Bloom for making our flower dreams come to life!”
- Simone Taylor, Founder of Louvelle

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Louvelle at Life InStyle

Louvelle at Life InStyle

Louvelle at Life InStyle

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