How to celebrate Father’s Day in style during the iso era

How to celebrate Father’s Day in style during the iso era

We know this year has been a rollercoaster since COVID-19 took hold and we’ve been trying (and sometimes failing) to adapt to new norms and abnormal restrictions. The hardest thing is not being with loved ones on occasions that mean absolutely everything to us, like Father’s Day this Sunday.

There were restrictions on Mother’s Day which made it difficult to see our Mums and unfortunately in Victoria we are in lockdown yet again. We’d love to give our Dad a big hug, if only we could.

To make the best of a bad situation, we’ve come up with some fun ways to help you make Father’s Day more virtually fun and enjoyable!

Organise a virtual breakfast

Okay, so we know dads love breakfast! As much as we would love to take Dad to his favourite café, or cook him a special breakfast at home, we need to think outside the box. Why not plan a virtual breakfast?!

Tip*** Secretly organise his wife or partner, or whoever lives with your Dad, and set a delicious breakfast menu for Sunday! We’re guessing eggs and bacon on toast, or pancakes with all the trimmings are a safe bet. Whatever you do, make sure he isn’t cooking his own breakfast this Sunday! We can all agree that on any occasion, whether it’s our own birthday, or whoever it is the rule is they don’t cook for themselves.

father's day 2020

Organise a surprise of any sort!

While you can’t see Dad, why not surprise him with a delivery of any kind! Choose your Dad’s all time favourite Uber Eats and get it delivered for lunch or dinner OR if you feel like doing something that isn’t your everyday delivery we would recommend sending your Dad a cool lush plant or some rustic looking flowers! Check out our awesome Father’s Day gift boxes; “Dad’s Finest Basic Box”, “Dad’s Finest Bloke Box” and lucky last “Dad’s UnbeLEAFably Finest Deluxe Box”. Native flowers are always a perfect alternative for guys if you don’t want anything too colourful! Although we could bet almost every Dad would love a bunch of colourful blooms delivered for Father’s Day as flowers always bring a smile to people’s faces.

father's day 2020

Organise Dad’s favourite song & call him

This will be a fun experience for Dad! We all know the classic rock ‘n’ roll, or golden oldies our Dad grew up listening to. What more could they want then a call with a bit of AC/DC or The Doors on full blast. We say bring the live music to them!

father's day 2020

We hope you guys send heaps of virtual love this Father’s Day and let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for being so good at staying home. And for patiently looking forward to seeing our loved one’s soon – YAY!!!!

Stay safe everyone. If we can get through the year of 2020 then we can get through anything.

Lots of love, Fig & Bloom team! XX

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