Flowers help our well-being!

Flowers help our well-being!

Flowers bring us instant happiness and endorphins, whether that is being immersed in nature or receiving a bunch of flowers as a gift! There are numerous links to flowers helping our mental health and wellbeing and we are so pleased to share this with you!

Flowers are energy boosters and they give us that burst of colour and life we all need! Although it’s not just about their glorious colours that give you energy, it is the scents and sizes too that boost your spirits! Not only do flowers help our energy levels but they really lift our moods. If you are having a slight off day, go buy yourself a bunch of colourful blooms, and the colours and fragrances will cheer you up! Or if you notice someone else having a stressful or off day, then buy them a bunch and watch their smile light up.✨

The flowers that are predominantly known for calming and helping reduce anxiety are; Lavender, Jasmine, Eucalyptus and Rose. Lavender certainly is top of the list as it is super popular for calming purposes, and if you haven’t noticed it is grown everywhere! We would highly suggest picking a fresh bunch of Lavender from the garden, tie the ends together with a small piece of rope or an elastic band, then let it dry out! It looks very cute left to dry upside down somewhere in the kitchen, or left in a jar! If you have troubles sleeping, leave it under your pillow whilst you sleep and we guarantee you will sleep like a baby.

Jasmine is another dreamy flower known to help with stress relief! Jasmine has been used for various medicinal purposes due to its active compounds, and it is exceptionally popular for herbal remedies and tea!

Moving on to our personal fav; Eucalyptus. Not only is this one of Australia’s glorious native plants but did you know that Eucalyptus is known to increasingly help shift our us to a positive mindset? So if you need a quick de-stress remedy try starting your day by rubbing eucalyptus leaves with your fingers and breathing in the fragrance, it will instantly vitalise you!

Last but not least, Roses! Our forever love. This nostalgic flower is SO soothing and is perfect for relieving stress. If you need a little pick me up, treat yourself to a bunch of dreamy roses and keep them somewhere close to you so you can slowly breathe in that fresh rose scent! Take deep breaths in these moments and let these gorgeous blooms bring comfort and tranquillity to your mind.

The next time you take a stroll, enjoy breathing in the fresh air and remember to keep your eyes out for nature’s biggest gift; FLOWERS! They certainly do make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and they are those instant energy boosters we all need when we are feeling all kinds of feels! Remember to be kind to yourself and remind yourself it is okay to have those days and sometimes all we need is a little burst of colour to pick ourselves up, SO buy yourself a bunch of flowers because let’s face it, they make everything better.

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