How to decorate your home with flowers

How to decorate your home with flowers

Let's face it, everyone loves flowers. Even the manliest of men can admit they love the smile flowers put on their lady's face when they surprise her with a fancy bouquet at the end of a long day. Nothing beats that warm and fuzzy you can only get from flowers. So, why not capture that feeling and keep it with you at all times, especially in your humble abode?

Boost your creativity and problem-solving skills

Aside from their innate beauty and fragrance, flowers also provide an array of health benefits (both mentally and physically). Increased happiness, compassion, and energy are just a few of the reasons why many experts even believe in 'Vitamin F' because of the impact flowers can have on your mind, body, and soul. A research group at Texas AM University concluded that having flowers or plants sporadically placed around your home or workplace can also improve problem-solving skills and increase creativity.

So, now that you know there's nothing but upside, how about we get you started with a few tips on how to perfectly decorate your home with flowers?

We'll start small and work our way up. Next time you have to crack some eggs for your favourite recipe, don't throw away those eggshells! Surprisingly enough, eggshells can provide a perfect composition for flowers and make them look extremely springy and fresh. Add a few twigs or rocks here and there and you have yourself a perfect countertop decoration in no time. Hey, we said we would start small, didn't we?

Lady holding flowrs

Tiny bouquets in your old jars

This next one is so simple we could cringe but we want to ease you into the process because flowers are supposed to be fun! Tiny bouquets carefully placed around your home not only add some fine detail but can also add a joyful, even romantic, vibe to the air. All you have to do is take a small cup, fill it with water, and place your flower in the cup. That's it! You don't have to do anything fancy or spectacular, one big flower or several small ones will look great.

Do you have any glass jars or containers laying around somewhere? While it may sound unusual at first, glass jars are often cheap alternatives to big, expensive flower vases. Put some sea shells at the bottom (fish bowl decorations or even small rocks from your backyard work, too) and put your flowers in the middle and voilà! You officially have your first work of art.

Daffodil flowers in a vase

Smarten up the kitchen

We all have that family member that can't help but give us all of their hand-me-down's… we all know who it is. From old clothes to kitchenware, it's always something! But, wait! What if you could use that old pitcher or teacup they gave you as something else other than a dust holder in your closet? Match the color of that old kitchenware with whichever flower suits your taste and you have yourself a brand new table decoration!

You may have seen this one done before but we're putting it here anyway because we think it's great. While it is a great thing to do, going to the recycling centre to return our glass bottles can sometimes seem like a hassle among the other errands on our list. What if we told you those same glass bottles are a perfect way to easily decorate the interior of your home and still give off the vibe that it took almost no thought at all? Well, they are. None of the bottles have to be the same shape or colour, you could even leave the label on the bottle if you felt like it. All of them look nice and will likely fit in almost any surrounding without drawing too much attention to themselves. All it takes is one flower and one beer/wine/soft drink bottle and there you have it. Job complete!

Flowers and rolling pin on a bench

Improve your state of mind

There are plenty of ways you can decorate your home with beautiful flowers and we want to help. Not only because flowers is what we do here at Fig & Bloom, but because we also care about your mental and physical health. We want you to be happy and flowers are the best place to start. Among their many beautiful traits, flowers can also foster creativity, boost your mood, and welcome guests in any setting. Whether it's a room you want to work in or relax in, all you have to do is think of how you want to feel and we guarantee there's a flower just for you!

Buddha statute holding flowers

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