Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

Jurlique is an international skincare and wellness brand known for their use of botanicals and natural ingredients. It was founded in Adelaide by Dr Juergen Klein, a botanist and naturopath, and his wife Ulrike – and it’s from their own names that the name “Jurlique” was created!

For the past 35 years, the brand has stuck to its ethical, environmentally friendly, and natural path, following the journey of all their ingredients from biodynamic farm to finished product. Jurlique is now stocked in over five thousand stores worldwide and has hit number 2 in Australia’s top prestige skincare brands.

Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

The Challenge

Jurlique were looking for help to launch their new product range, “Rare Rose”, a facial oil moisturiser. The brand was super excited to finally be able treat their customers to an incredible, interactive in-store experience after the restrictions of lockdown. And there was no better time for a new floral product than the beginning of spring!

Yet with activation sites across Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, it was difficult to find a florist who could take on a brief of this scale, let alone across the 3 states, in 7 different stores, over only 2 days. This is where Fig & Bloom came in.

Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

Jurlique engaged Fig & Bloom to produce a floral installation that would wow their customers, and tie in beautifully with the launch of their new product. This installation needed to last 2 months, to survive the length of the brand activation… yet the challenge was that it had to be completely natural. The use of synthetic flowers would have conflicted with their natural, biodynamic brand essence.

Fig & Bloom would also have to produce a structural solution for each of the 7 activation sites, as the stores had entirely unique layouts, and 5 of the 7 didn’t have any existing anchoring points for the installation. Given the product launch was “Rare Rose”, Jurlique also wanted to feature roses as the centrepiece of the designs.

Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

The Solution

From brief to launch, the Fig & Bloom team solved Jurlique challenge in just 1 month. Our honed events process meant we could design, prepare, and set up in the time Jurlique needed.

The expert team at Fig & Bloom designed stunning installations using a soft pink colour palette and natural Australian greenery. The flowers and foliage were perfectly dried so that they could be fitted to the installation and continue to look stunning for the full 2 months of launch activities. The last thing we wanted was for the flowers to change colour, or shrink, and the design to therefore change during the brand activation, so we ensured that they were dried ahead of time.

We used Australian Eucalyptus for a gorgeous fresh feel, which was drying for 2 weeks prior to installation. We also sourced around 1,000 preserved delicate, feminine, soft pink and apricot rose heads to mirror the natural radiance offered by the Rare Rose facial oil. They were the only dried roses of this shade in the whole of Australia! The roses were sold as heads only, so the Fig & Bloom team sourced an appropriate stem from heavy duty BBQ skewers… and the result? The perfect long stemmed, everlasting rose.

Fig & Bloom align closely on a shared passion for sustainability, so we were thrilled to be able to provide them with a solution that fit their environmentally friendly values. As the installation was entirely made of dried blooms, there was no need for a water source such as floral foam. The mounting structures were also made using chicken wire – so there was no plastic in sight.

Jurlique x Fig & Bloom

The Result

Against all odds of limited preserved rose resources, time-intensive set up, complicated store layouts and lack of fixtures, the fragility of dried flowers and foliage, and short timeframes… the Fig & Bloom team were delighted to develop a creative and beautiful solution that nailed both the durability and colour consistency of the Jurlique brief.

The installations are currently still on site – go ahead and visit them while you still can!

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