How to make a dreamy medicinal bath at home

How to make a dreamy medicinal bath at home

Have you ever put flowers in your baths? Guess what… it is life changing! There is no purer form of meditation than a bath filled with flowers, herbs, essential oils and an abundance of candles.

Before dipping into our DIY bath remedies, we must tell you about Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp (AKA Mama Medicine) is one of our biggest inspirations when it comes to bath rituals. Mama Medicine is an internationally renowned healer, seeress and shaman and she has published a book on bath rituals. Honestly, these bath rituals are life changing and bring you so much mental strength and calmness. Her Instagram is dreamy… you must check her out!

Okay moving onto our bath remedies! We are going to give you 4 of the dreamiest DIY bath remedies. We hope you LOVE!


One of the easiest DIY bath remedies we love is Lavender and Rosemary! This combo is the most divine smelling and cleansing bath combination! Before starting we would recommend you snip off some fresh lavender from the garden, and a few fresh stems of rosemary and add them into your bath water. If you have lavender essential oil add 1- 2 drops of that and that will give you an even stronger dreamier scent of lavender. Make sure you have at least two candles lit near you and soak peacefully in your bath remedy. Let all your stresses drift away and we promise you will feel like you have reborn!



Okay this bath remedy is insanely gorgeous and relaxing! The rose scent mixed with the jasmine is like being in a dream. If you need to unwind after a long day of work or just feel like treating yourself to some “self care” and much needed love then this is the perfect bath for you! All you need is some rose petals, if you don’t have your own rose petals then pick a few from a public garden OR ask your lovely neighbours! Get the epsom salt handy and drop 8 – 10 drops of jasmine oil into the water. Give it all a good stir and voila – there you have it! Your dreamy rose goddess bath. Enjoy with a cheeky glass of wine or whatever beverage tickles your fancy.

pink rose


This remedy is going to leave your skin feeling more nourished than ever before…. WOW! We can’t get over this combination! Honestly, have you ever bathed with coconut milk in your bath? It is incredible and makes your skin feel like soft baby skin afterwards. It also makes you feel rather hungry for sweets because it smells that delicious!

So this remedy involves a little more prep but barely.

  • The first thing you need to do is pour 1 cup of oats into a bowl and crush the oats into an oatmeal consistency. Make sure the oats have no big chunks in them otherwise if you don’t mind a few oat grains in your bath – then that’s okay too!
  • Pour 1 can of coconut milk into a sifter so it is all smooth and you are good to go! Little reminder: don’t forget all of your dreamy candles as they are crucial to completing that zen vibe.
  • Once the bath is filled with water up to your desired amount, pour in your coconut milk and oats and then drop in 2- 4 drops of lavender oil.
  • Let your body soak in these goodness, and get ready for silky soft skin afterwards.
coconuts cut in half


    This dreamy wild bath combo is exactly what our winter skin needs, as well as our souls because let’s face it, winter takes it out of us sometimes and there is nothing more enjoyable than a hot bath.

    • So, to start off with, make sure you have at least 10 – 15 rose petals! They can be any colour your heart desires!
    • Pour 2 big tablespoons of Himalayan salt and drop them into your water! Don’t forget the heavenly Jasmine oil!
    • Drop in 2- 5 drops of Jasmine and tip in your rose petals and you are all ready to indulge in this relaxing bath! What we especially love about this bath combo is the scents altogether, they have this powerful and stunning fragrance which makes you feel like you are doing wonders for your skin but also your mind!
    • We would highly recommend giving meditation a try during this bath or even just practising some deep inhales and breathing as this bath is known as a healing remedy! We promise your mind and skin will be thanking you for this remedy.

    Enjoy your healing bath remedies flower lovers. We absolutely loved sharing our favs with you! We will be flower bath advocates forever as they truly make us feel tranquil and it is totally blissful.

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