Meet our latest design, “Fiji”

Meet our latest design, “Fiji”

Fiji is the poster child for paradise. With dazzling white sands, perfect palm trees and water so blue it glows. Fiji looks so beautiful looks, you might think those photos have been airbrushed!

The name of our new floral design, which we call “Fiji“, was inspired those gorgeous sky blue waters and pure white sands. But that's only half the story.

Two weeks ago we received an order for a bespoke arrangement featuring just-in-season Delphiniums. Alba, one of our senior designers, put together this exact arrangement which was to be delivered to the Epworth Freemasons hospital in East Melbourne. It was at the Epworth that this story really began.

Our beautiful delivery driver, Serena, was stopped in the hospital hallway by an energetic woman. “I just have to know… where can I get this arrangement!?” the woman squealed. Serena explained that the arrangement wasn't available on the website. “It's a one-off”, she said. “A bespoke arrangement which we designed for a special customer”.

As she turned, about to dart down another corridor, the lady's gaze fell upon the large Fig & Bloom logo on Serena's apron. “Fig & Bloom is it? I'll have to look you up!”

Needless to say, we received a call from the lady later that afternoon. She explained how her friend had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. “The blue is just perfect!”, she said. And we couldn't agree more.

We deliver a lot of flowers, hundreds of bouquets every week. Now, how many times do you think something like this has happened before?

Ten? Twenty? Thirty times?

Never! The answer is never!

We're always receiving compliments about the flowers but never has someone stopped us and said, “WOW! I just had to have that!”.

Featuring in-season Delphinium, Ranunculus, Sweet Pea and Lisianthus flowers, our Fiji arrangement is the perfect choice when you want to make a statement. Stretching out like the Fijian coastline those Delphinium stems reach almost 1 metre in length, so it looks positively stunning in a tall slender vase.

fiji flower arrangement


fiji flower arrangement


fiji flower arrangement


fiji flower arrangement

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