Our design process behind the new ‘Zanzibar’ bouquet

Our design process behind the new ‘Zanzibar’ bouquet

At Fig & Bloom, our designs are named after places around the world that have produced fond memories, exciting experiences or is a place that we find ourselves daydreaming about. Alex, one of our very talented florists from the Sydney studio, noticed that we didn’t have a bouquet option with a tropical flair. She wanted to create a design with a tropical influence as she loves designing with these types of flowers and the place that inspired this design, Zanzibar, is top of her dream holiday destinations list.

Firstly, a bit about the new design. The Zanzibar heroes white flowers and surrounds them with lush green foliage. These flowers include gladioli, Asiatic lilies, roses and Lisianthus – some of our Fig & Bloom favourites that can be seen across our design catalogue, and a couple we haven’t used very much (these being gladioli and lilies). The foliage that frames these beautiful flowers are monstera leaves and yellow palm fronds – we can feel the tropical breeze through our hair already!

The design process…

The inspiration:

If you’re familiar with Fig & Bloom bouquets you might have heard of the Osaka, Marseille, Prague or Lisbon. Through texture and colour our florists capture the essence of these beautiful places in each design. The Zanzibar is no different. The white sandy beaches of the Tanzanian island, lined with palms is where Alex draws her inspiration from.

Alex created beautiful imagery when thinking about how she wanted her design to look. She imagined a house on the beach with white linen curtains blowing in the breeze off the pristine ocean, and a bunch of white flowers and tropical foliage on the window sill.

The flowers:

Alex wanted to use white flowers for a bright, fresh look that captured the beauty of the white sand beaches that inspired her. However, white tropical flowers proved a little bit hard to come by. So the chosen flowers were selected for their shape and texture that embodied the essence of tropical flowers.

Asiatic lilies – the curved petals and bell-shaped bloom of the Asiatic lily is reminiscent of the hibiscus flowers, a flower that has become the motif for all things tropical.

Gladioli (Alex’s favourite flower in the design) – gladioli thrive in hot, sunny countries and is therefore perfect in a tropical design. Their vertical stems lined with blooms gives gorgeous height to the design.

Lisianthus & roses – these are Fig & Bloom favourites that give beautiful texture through the fluffy Lisianthus and and an elegant finish with the roses.

Foliage – monstera leaves and yellow palm were easy choices for Alex as they are typical for tropical areas, and look great in floral designs! The two foliage juxtaposing textures completes the design beautifully and creates the perfect frame in which the flowers can shine.

Your Zanzibar bouquet

This design is a suitable for many occasions: engagement, birthday, thank you and ‘just because’ to name a few. For the right person, this would also be appropriate for a celebration of life.

How to take care of your Zanzibar:

  • When you receive the bouquet, remove the wrapping paper and remove the wet-wrapping.
  • Don’t cut the binding off of the stems! Each flower has been carefully placed in a specific place to achieve the design and is then bound to hold this design in place. And unless the vase that the bouquet is going into has a very narrow neck, cutting the binding will cause the flowers to move out of the little home the florist has created and the effect won’t be the same.
  • Trim the stems at an angle.
  • Place into a vase of fresh water and change the water every 2 days.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heaters – these will make them wilt faster.
  • We’re so excited to make this new design for our wonderful customers! Order yours today!
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