Pick Your Vibe for 2023: Learn the Meaning Behind the Florals in Your Home!

Pick Your Vibe for 2023: Learn the Meaning Behind the Florals in Your Home!

Here at Fig & Bloom, the New Year always brings tonnes of excitement, anticipation, and of course fabulous flowers. Like us, you might be excited by the opportunities that lie ahead. Or perhaps you can’t wait to close the chapter on 2022? Either way, it’s the perfect time for fresh starts and fresh blooms! We’re here to help you choose the best January flowers to kick-start your New Year.

What do fresh flowers represent on New Year’s Day?

Flowers carry many meanings on New Year’s Day. Different countries welcome the change of the calendar with unique floral traditions. Japan’s New Year includes the Kadomatsu: a decoration made from pine and bamboo, placed in pairs at the front of homes to welcome the harvest spirits. In Costa Rica, people gift Santalucia, a small purple wildflower which is said to attract money and good luck. While Brazilians throw white flowers into the ocean as an offering to the Goddess of the Sea.

Fresh flowers symbolise new life and growth, so there’s no better time to gift them than at the start of the year. Whether you’re celebrating the New Year at home or out with friends, start 2023 in style with a spectacular seasonal bouquet.

What flowers should I gift for the New Year?


Let’s be honest, roses work for almost any occasion. Possibly the most iconic flower of all time, Roses are synonymous with class and beauty. So if you’re looking to add elegance to a New Year’s Eve party, there’s no better flower for you. Roses feature in many of our bouquets, including the irresistibly romantic Verona or our classic White Rose bouquet.


The Chrysanthemum is a much-loved bloom that brings warmth and colour to any floral arrangement. This vibrant flower says ‘think of me’ like no other. Chrysanthemums come in a wild array of colours and sizes, as seen in our Lucerne, Osaka, Umbria and Pyrenees designs.



Carnations are the official birth flower of January, making them an excellent choice for gifting this month. Available in a rainbow of colours, Carnations offer lots of versatility due to their many shades and shapes. These beautifully delicate, ruffled flowers are a firm favourite of ours. They currently feature in our Umbria, Cannes and Lisbon bouquets. That’s how much we love them!

King Protea

This flower is the king of the party! Known for its huge crown-like flower-head, the King Protea makes a splash in any arrangement. Symbolising courage and transformation, it’s the perfect flower for someone who wants to try new things in the New Year. Find these spectacular flowers in our Copenhagen and Kakadu bouquets.

pink lilies


Strikingly bold, beautifully unique, Lilies are a true classic. Symbolising rebirth, optimism, purity and peace, they are often used to celebrate new beginnings. Their trumpet-like petals are the perfect complement to the pop of champagne and fireworks at midnight. See for yourself in our gorgeous Cinque Terre bouquet.

What colours symbolise New Year?


White is a popular choice for New Year’s gifts and party décor, as it’s traditionally associated with new beginnings and a clean slate. We predict white bouquets will be all the rage in 2023, so why not start the trend now?


Putting red front and centre is a great choice for New Year’s Eve. While the Lunar New Year is still a few weeks off, you might want to take inspiration from this holiday and introduce red for good luck and good fortune.


Purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty. For centuries, purple dye was created by harvesting sea snails, which made the colour very rare and expensive! Include purple in your celebrations to bring prosperity to the New Year.


In Western cultures, the colour yellow conveys optimistic attributes like joy and happiness. It’s also the colour of sunshine and friendship (and who doesn’t love either?). Add a touch of yellow or gold for a happy and hopeful year ahead.

Spread the New Year cheer with a beautiful bouquet

Here at Fig & Bloom, we’ve got you covered with a stunning selection of bouquets to say goodbye to the old, and welcome in with the new. Start the New Year in style with fresh flowers delivered straight to your door.

Happy celebrating!

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