Our top 5 Australian native plants

Our top 5 Australian native plants

So, the list of top Australian native plants is huge but we are going to name our top 5 Australian native plants! These dreamy natives include Banksia, Bottlebrush (Callistemon), Waratah (Telopea), Wax flower (Eriostemon), and Eucalyptus. These native flowers are all striking and unique in their own ways, and they make exceptional additions to floral arrangements.

Where do we begin! Banksia flowers would have to be one of our all time favourite native flowers! These striking flowers are typically an orange or yellow hue, and as the flower spikes age the flower parts turn shades of orange, tan or dark brown colour. Banksia flowers grow all around Australia but the biggest diversity of banksias with 60 species known is in south Western Australia. You will also see these natives around Australia’s eastern coast!

These flowers are the kind of flowers that you can style in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, lounge or kitchen! These flowers look incredible either solo in a dreamy vase or mixed together in a classic Australian native bouquet. If you’re not too familiar with these natives, make yourself familiar because Banksia’s are worth knowing about.

australian native banksias

Bottlebrush flowers grow in a variety of colours, including red, white, lemon pink and yellow. These native flowers are a part of the genus Callistemon and relate to the Myrtaceae family. You will mainly find bottlebrushes in the east and south-east of Australia, and these flowers are commonly found growing from Australia’s tropical north to the cooler south regions. These flowers look insanely vibrant and gorgeous mixed together with other dreamy flowers and foliage.

We absolutely love Waratah flowers! This beauty is native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The Waratah is a member of the plant family Proteaceae, which you can find in the southern hemisphere. The features which we adore about these beautiful flowers are their large, brightly coloured and spiky head. Try putting these beauties together in a vase with a dreamy selection of foliage, and Ranunculus flowers! This combo is stunning and this is just one of the ways you can incorporate our native flowers into your home!

Have you ever seen wax flowers? They’re the sweetest looking flowers and the flowers literally look like small wax flowers. Wax flowers are known as Chamelaucium, and they belong to the myrtle family Myrtaceae. Geraldton Wax flowers which a popular flower you will come across at the market or a florist, and they come from Western Australian! These dreamy flowers ooze nectar and bees and pollinating insects cannot get enough of these flowers! They also have a delicious, honey scent!

Did you know that the Eucalyptus trees are amidst the tallest flowering plants on earth? Pretty cool right! These glorious eucalypti trees are a part of the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), native to Australia and they are commonly known as gum trees or stringybark trees. We absolutely love the Eucalyptus gum, their leaves are subtle yet stunning and they are the dreamiest addition to floral arrangements! Not only is their scent comforting and reminds you of being out in the Australian bush, but the Eucalyptus gum tree is the most iconic symbol of the Australian native environment and so there are certainly many reasons why this native plant has become so popular in the floral industry.

We absolutely love Australian natives! We could list HEAPS more natives that we love, but these would have to be our top five for their distinctive beauty and of course, for being true icons of our Australian native environment.

Australian native bouquet

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