Australian native flowers are growing in popularity (and we’re thrilled!)

Australian native flowers are growing in popularity (and we’re thrilled!)

Here at Fig & Bloom, we love working with Australian native flowers, with their rich, earthy colours and bold, sculptural forms. So while we weren't surprised when native flowers started growing in popularity across the country, we were absolutely delighted!

Australian native flowers, such as King Protea, Pin Cushions, Sea Holly, Brunia, Banksia, Paper Daisy, Venus Protea, Flowering gum and Waratah - all of which our florists work with daily - have been through some serious ups and downs over the years.

Native flower demand peaked around the time of the Sydney Olympics, due to the exposure they got during each and every medal ceremony, as winners from all over the world were presented with gorgeous bouquets of Australian wildflowers.

Sadly, due to years of drought and a fluctuating Australian dollar, production took a serious hit, and many growers went out of business.

eucalyptus in a vase

But now the ABC has reported that fresh life is being breathed into the Australian native flower industry, as brides and grooms are seeking a fresh, contemporary aesthetic on their big day. Native flowers can be used to create a natural yet striking look for a wedding that is memorable and unique, and the wedding industry just can't get enough!

The demand has become so great that many florists have been turning to the peak industry body for Australian native flowers, Wildflowers Australia, to find workshops and information on how to work with these flowers.

Australian native flowers wedding

International appeal

Business is booming for growers of Australian native flowers - sales have increased five-fold since 2010 and the industry is now worth $350 million.

There is also renewed interest from other countries, particularly Japan - one of Australia's biggest export markets for native flowers - now that its economy is stronger than it has been for several years.

This is good news for Australian growers, as overseas customers typically pay significantly higher amounts for our native wildflowers. Flowers Australia chief executive Shane Holborn has said that Australian native flowers can sell for up to 10 times as much for a single stem as they would in Australia.

Australian native flowers in high demand

While this resurgence in popularity is fantastic, it's not all smooth sailing for the native flower industry. Demand is now outstripping supply in Australia, where limited numbers of wildflower farmers survived the period of drought and economic turmoil. It takes several years to start and develop a new flower farm, and this can deter people from getting into the business.

However it's important for the Australian export market to grow in order to compete with overseas growers of Australian native flowers. Israel, for example, exports more Australian wildflowers than Australia itself grows in total.

native flowers banksia and pin cushion

Supporting Australian wildflower growers

At Fig & Bloom, we've been proudly offering native flower bouquets ever since we started, and it's always a pleasure to see the joy our customers feel when they behold these stunningly bold arrangements.

Bursting with colour, our Broome bouquet includes the sculptural Banksia, pretty pink Straw Flowers and strong scented Eucalyptus. We love this arrangement because it's striking and unique in its beauty.

Our Kakadu bouquet uses more delicate colours, while maintaining a hardy, rustic aesthetic. With an eye-catching King Protea at its heart, the arrangement is built up with Wax Bud, Alstroemeria, Chincherinchee flowers and Eucalyptus foliage, making it the perfect combination of native and exotic wildflowers.

We love Australian wildflowers!

Whether it's for a wedding, your home or a surprise delivery to a friend or loved one, a bouquet filled with gorgeous Australian native flowers is always sure to delight. And not only that, it supports the work of local wildflower growers. What could be better?!

koala in a gum tree

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