Baby Shower Decoration Ideas: From A Bohemian Picnic to an Italian Feast

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas: From A Bohemian Picnic to an Italian Feast

What’s more exciting than welcoming a new little human into the world? Of course, it’s something you’d want to celebrate – whether it’s your new child that you’re saying hello to for the first time or you’re organising a party for a dear loved one who’s new family member you can’t wait to meet! Depending on what vibe you’re going for and whether you would rather celebrate at home, in nature or have someone else take care of everything for you in a restaurant, there’s a few ways to make it feel both classy and extra special (including event flowers, of course!). We’ve rounded up a few ideas to give you some inspiration, focusing on the two most important things: food/drink and decorations!


Baby Shower Picnic

Picnics are going to be huge this Summer – a perfect way to relax with friends in your own time surrounded by gorgeous nature and sun (hopefully!). If you want to make your picnic extra special and full of love to celebrate the newest member to your family/friend clan, we have some recipe and decoration ideas to create the perfect picnic.

  • Pre-made bottled mock-tails (or cocktails for those not expecting) are a great idea for a picnic – super convenient and it gives you something a little more exciting to drink than soda water or apple juice. Yes You Can do canned alcohol free versions of some of your favourite cocktails, such as a Dark and Stormy. Seedlip also make distilled non-alcoholic spirits which can simply be mixed with soft drinks like tonic water or ginger ale and garnished with some citrus. Archie Rose have a delightful range of bottled cocktails with unique flavours such as Wattle-seed & Peach Iced Tea. Yum!
  • These vegan sausage rolls are a fun spin on a classic – and will please your plant-friendly guests!
  • Want to make something scrumptious but lack baking skills? These Super Easy Cinnamon Rolls will make all your friends think you’re an expert baker.
  • For Love & Lemons also have some great picnic food ideas, from sandwiches and wraps to easy salads!
baby shower picnic

Baby Shower Decorations For Your Picnic

  • If you’re going for a no-fuss, bohemian look – loosely scattering loose dried or fresh flowers in the centre of the picnic set up around the food is a lovely way to brighten up the spread and add a bit of colour. Alternatively, if you’re using a picnic table you could put some fresh cut flowers in a jar!
  • Depending on how all out you want to go – you could even set up a marquee and attach hanging decorations, such as dried flower bunches or some sheer fabric to the rails and place a carpet or patterned picnic rug on the floor.
  • If you’re having an intimate affair, a small foldable picnic table is a great option. It gives you somewhere to place your drinks and keep food off the ground. Picnic Butler does some lovely hand-crafted ones.
  • There are some super cute picnic sets out there, like this sustainable one by Coconutsy made from coconut shells. We recommend bringing your own reusable cutlery/cups to reduce waste or asking your guests to bring their own. If this is not possible, there are a few options that are recyclable or made from sustainable materials.
baby shower decorations

Small intimate party at home

Food & Drink

Just because you may not be able to eat cured meat and uncultured cheese, doesn’t mean your food options are limited! There are so many fun and delicious food and drink possibilities to keep the party lively.

Here are some recipe ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • A fun option is to create a high tea experience at home. Think bite sized cakes, finger sandwiches, cute floral decorations. These Mini Victorian Sponge Cakes with Lemon Curd Cream would be perfect to set the Mary Antoinette tone.
  • Along the high tea theme, this Gluten Free Rose and Pistachio Cake is sure to impress. You can use rose petals to decorate the cake and the table as well to carry the theme through the space.
  • For something savoury, you could offer Peperonata and spaghettini frittata with harissa cream. It’s a classic style of frittata dish with an interesting spin on it – this one will be a crowd pleaser!
  • There are many gourmet cordial flavours on the market these days, most you can get at your local grocery store. They’re great to mix with soda water or just still water. If you’re feeling creative and want to have a go at making your own, this Elderflower Cordial recipe is an effortless way to try your hand at making a delicious and refreshing alcohol-free beverage.
  • Making your own pizzas – a fun activity to get everyone involved that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or waste. You could keep it simple and use pre-made bases and let everyone decorate their own or go all out and make the dough yourselves! This way you can cater to everyone’s dietary requirements easily as they can choose their own pizza toppings!
coral peonies

Baby Shower Decorations At Your Party

If you do decide to go down the high tea train, all you need to make your house in theme is lots of pastel colours and some floral themed cups and saucers! Depending on your budget and how much time/effort you’d like to put in, getting a few layered cake stands and some floral tea cups and saucers will really pull it together. You can even source some floral utensils and cups from your local op shop!

Fresh flowers are always a lovely way to add colour and ambience to your space and can be a beautiful way to symbolise new life. You could even peel off a few petals and scatter the petals around the table for a complete look. Creating a colour theme by matching your tablecloth to your flower choice will also create a synonymous aesthetic. If you don’t have a tablecloth that suits the theme – visiting your local fabric store and purchasing a large cut piece is a great money-saving option.

baby shower decorations

In a restaurant

If you’re not particularly huge on cooking or hosting and would like to take the fuss out of a baby shower celebration, or you just love dining out – organising a baby shower at your favourite restaurant is an easy and delicious option! Depending on what vibe you’re after, you could organise a small, intimate dinner or a larger, sharing plate kind of lunch! We’ve listed a few of our favourite restaurants to get you started. Broadsheet has a comprehensive guide of Sydney and Melbourne restaurants too and is fantastic for keeping up to date with the latest openings! If you’re planning a baby shower in the warmer months, a restaurant with an outdoor or rooftop area would be a lovely way to enjoy the weather.


Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is built for baby shower celebrations! They have a variety of spaces to choose from: High Tea, a Private Dining space, and a large outdoors area which is covered and features a lush garden. The space is stunning, they always decorate it superbly, and the food and coffee is delectable too!

Bella Brutta

Are you a big pizza fan? Who isn’t really! Bella Bruta in Newtown make (arguably) one the best pizzas in town – AND it’s right around the corn from our Sydney Studio! Pizza is fun, easy, great for sharing and brings smiles to faces. Most pizza places these days can do gluten free or vegetarian options to suit any of your friends with dietary restrictions. If you want a bit of an exciting and busy vibe, the team at Bella Brutta are sure to provide fun service, fantastic food and drinks and a joke here and there. The outdoor space at the back is a bit more private if you want to have some space to yourselves.

Fratelli Fresh

An indisputable favourite Sydney Italian staple – Fratelli has a reputation for serving up some of the best traditional pasta and lasagne in the city. With a few locations dotted around Sydney, you can trust that they will all provide the same high-standard service and delicious carb-fuelled feast. A lively vibe that you can be sure everyone will enjoy.



Julius Pizzeria

The team at Julius Pizzeria specialise in gourmet wood-fired pizzas (with traditional toppings such as eggplant, anchovies etc.) and pastas, with some delectable entrees and mains as well. If you’re in sunny Brisbane and want to celebrate with some delightful Italian food – this restaurant could be the perfect option for you and your loved ones.


Nostimo is a contemporary interpretation of Greek food – think fresh seafood, delicious salads and of course your favourites like Moussaka. In a stunning predominantly white and timber space, it feels as if you’re enjoying a Summer lunch on the hillside of an exotic Greek island. In the warm Brissy weather, this kind of cuisine is perfect and can cater to most people’s food tastes. If you would like some beautiful bouquets to decorate your table, our new amazing new Brisbane team are always happy to help!

E’cco Bistro

Run by one of Australia’s leading chefs Phillip Johnson, this menu is filled with creative, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients. If you want to treat you and your loved ones to something a bit special – E’ccoBistro will definitely not disappoint. Think dishes like mushroom ice cream with salted caramel and hazelnuts – yum!

Chin Chin


Mary Eats Cake

On the High Tea theme, Mary Eats Cake has a few different packages to choose from – including delicious mock-tails and high tea treats, a flower crown making workshop and a take home treat option. As they specialise in baby showers, you can trust that they would have planned for most aspects you’d want to include: they have a few spaces to choose from depending on the size of your party, a diverse mock-tail menu and will even decorate the space for you with fresh flowers! If you would like your own custom flowers, our Melbourne team are super stars and can help bring your vision to life!

Chin Chin

We’re sure most of you have heard of Chin Chin! Starting out in Melbourne and now with a restaurant in Sydney as well – this bustling and artsy restaurant is self-described as ‘Australian with a South-East Asian injection’. If you’re the kind of person who wants an untraditional baby shower and likes lively energy and mouth-watering food – Chin Chin could be a great option! They also have a private dining room for events if you love the food but want a slightly quieter energy.

Park St Dining

With both indoor, outdoor and private dining spaces, Park St Dining has flexible dining options that can suit both intimate and larger Baby Showers. They have a delectable all day menu which does all your favourite breakfast food – like smashed avo with heirloom confit tomato. They also have event spaces with varying capacities, where they will provide exceptional catering, drinks and decorate the space for you. If some of you or some of your loved ones already have kids, you’re in luck! The venue opens right onto a public playground.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a bit of inspiration to get planning your or your friend/family member’s baby shower. There’s no right or wrong way, it totally depends on your personality and style and how you like to celebrate. And of course, if you would like some assistance styling your Baby shower with beautiful fresh or preserved flowers – be it at home, in nature or at a venue, we’re just a phone call away!

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