Say Hello to Our Exclusive Christmas Collection

Say Hello to Our Exclusive Christmas Collection

We love when our Christmas Collection comes into season! It’s like Christmas in a vase. With fragrant stems, festive foliage, and standout blooms, it’s a real show-stopper. Ready to shine and dazzle, this signature collection has been reimagined for 2022, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Think of all your favourite things about Christmas time. Brightly coloured tinsel. Lights twinkling in the streets. The sweet smell of mulled wine. We’ve used all these magical moments as inspiration for this year’s collection. Filled with festive red and white Roses, locally grown Hydrangeas and sparkling foliage, there’s something for everyone in this dazzling Christmas bouquet.

christmas bouquet

What’s in the Christmas Collection?

Red and White Roses

Roses are considered one of the most popular flowers in the world. They come in every colour imaginable, which makes them a solid choice for floral arrangements – no matter the occasion. And Christmas makes no exception!

In fact, nothing says Christmas at Fig & Bloom quote like long-lasting red and white roses. Not only do they echo staple Christmas hues, but their symbolism shines bright at this time of year. With red roses signifying love and admiration, and white purity and innocence, what a beautiful sentiment to hold in your home, or send as a gift this festive period.


We’ve paired our comforting and traditional roses with white Hydrangeas and natural foliage for an extra chic look. First discovered in Japan, the name Hydrangea originates from the Greek ‘hydor’, which means water, and ‘angos’ meaning jug or vessel. This roughly translates to ‘water vessel’, a reference to the Hydrangea’s need for plenty of water and its cup-shaped flower.

We’re very lucky to have a local Hydrangea farmer who delivers the freshest blooms every week, even during this busy time of year. Like Santa Claus, he must have a team of Christmas elves working around the clock to keep those deliveries coming on time. We’re not sure how he does it!

white hydrangea


Red Hypericum berries work beautifully when displayed on their own in a vase, and also when mixed into a festive bouquet like ours. Often referred to as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’, they are so much more than just berries! In fact, these shrubs produce masses of vibrant yellow flowers before the berries come through.

The name Hypericum comes from the Greek word ‘hyper’ meaning ‘above’ and ‘eikon’ meaning ‘picture’ referring to the ancient tradition of draping plants over pictures and windows. Hypericum berries come in red, white, and green – the perfect colours for any Christmas arrangement.

Cypress Foliage

This year, we’ve designed our Christmas Collection using Cypress foliage, which not only looks great, but has the added benefit of filling your home with a gorgeous Christmassy scent. With graceful, dainty leaves, it functions fabulously as a festive foliage plant. If you’re using Cypress to decorate your home this year, try tinting the leaves with gold or silver for added elegance and style.

Christmas Bush

Christmas Bush is another highlight of our signature festive design. Unexpected and not widely used, we love introducing this native plant to our customers. The Christmas Bush offers attractive sepals and delicate foliage. Is it foliage, or a flower? Perhaps it’s flowering foliage? We’re always debating this one in the studio!

christmas bush

Surprise someone with a festive treat

Christmas is the season of joy and gift-giving, so why not sprinkle a little magic on your gift game this year with a thoughtfully designed bouquet? Our Christmas Collection leaves a lasting impression and would look lovely in any home.

Whether you’re off to a glamorous dinner party or sending love to a friend, our dazzling Christmas Collection is sure to make them smile. It’s also a great alternative to the wine and chocolates we’re all so used to giving. Swap the bottle and box for a bunch of freshly cut blooms.

Save it for yourself

The beauty of our Christmas Collection is that it’s super versatile, and blends perfectly with other decorations around the house. There are just so many different ways to style this bunch! It would be a shame to only gift the bouquet to someone else…

Create a statement centrepiece in your home, mix and match this bouquet with any of our other festive flowers, and make it last the full season by creating your own DIY decorations with the stems that take your fancy once they’re done in your vase. Guaranteed to add a festive flair to your home, don’t miss out on our exclusive Christmas Collection. Grab yours now before it goes!

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