Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Are you searching for corporate Christmas gifts to send to your clients? Or Christmas gifts for your employees but can’t think beyond a box of chocolates or bottle of wine? We’ve got some suggestions.

Christmas is a great time to show your clients, colleagues or employees how much you appreciate their hard work during the year. If you’re feeling a little stuck on ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions for you below.

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Flower Subscription

The first thing that we are going to look at is of course, a flower subscription. As a florist, we can confidently say that a flower subscription is a popular gift, and one that people adore. This way, instead of just getting flowers once on a special occasion, they come once per month (or as often as you choose) for the duration of the prescription. This is fantastic for you as it means that they are reminded of your gratitude every month, and they can look forward to getting a new bouquet for the next few! This will be especially handy when it comes to keeping clients happy, making it one of the best gifts for corporate clients.

We offer some beautiful bouquets and subscription packages for you to consider, a lot of which can include the poinsettia flower to bring an extra Christmas feel. With so many people working from home at the moment, this will help keep you connected to your employees as well. This will really enhance their workspace, and give them a little boost when they see them each day.

mini christmas tree

Mini Christmas Tree

If you want to keep it festive, then a mini Christmas tree is a classic idea. This is a beautiful way to get people in the mood for the holidays, while remaining connected to your business. Throughout the festive period, every time they look at this little gift you have sent them, they are going to think about your company and this gesture. You can order this with a personalised gift card so you can leave a little message for them to read.

These little trees will go really well with another little gift. For example, you can send them some chocolates, a box of tea, or even a wellness gift box. Take a look at all the options available, and you can choose from there depending on their personality and your relationship.

Gift Cards

If you don’t know what to get everyone, but you want something that everyone is going to like – perhaps a gift card would be a good option. There are plenty of different gift cards available, but we highly recommend that you go for one of the options that can be redeemed against a number of brands and stores. This way, your clients or employees can use this gift card to buy something that they like, potentially something they wouldn’t have brought themselves without the extra money.

We highly recommend getting digital gift cards as well, rather than having the physical cards. This makes life so much easier, and allows them to use the gift card online rather than having to go down to the store. Some people say gift cards aren’t thoughtful, but that’s far from the truth as you are giving them the option to get something they like, rather than getting stuck with something they don’t.

Gift cards are also a fantastic option if you are running out of time to purchase things. Time gets away from the best of us, but you can organise a load of gift cards in no time.

Book Related Present

Some people would love to read if they had the time to, or the will to after a long day! For the latter, all they need is a good book to convince them to reignite with the reading world. A book might not be the typical gift that you would expect from your boss, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great idea. A Kindle eBook reader is an awesome way to give your employees something to do in their spare time and leaves the book selecting up to them.

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Spa Vouchers

It’s been a pretty full on year for everyone, for similar and different reasons. We’re sure everyone could do with a bit of R&R over Christmas! A spa voucher is a great way to say ‘good job, you’ve worked really hard – now take a well deserved break!’ It is also something that people don’t usually indulge in for themselves, which is key to a valued gift. Clients are going to love getting this from you as well, as it’s not often that companies take the time to get gifts for clients. There are plenty of spas across Australia, so do your research and find one of the best in the country for your employees and clients.

Something Creative

A creative kit of some sort can be a great gift idea – whether you work in a creatively focused company or not! A few ideas are: a paint by numbers set, a do-it-yourself clay kit, candle-making kit, pasta maker – or you can even give them a voucher to get a photobook printed. It might open someone’s mind to creating something they wouldn’t think of otherwise, or provide an alternative relaxing activity to their usual routine.

House Plants

Instead of flowers for Christmas, you might want to think about getting a house plant. These are a long lasting present when cared for properly, so your employee/client can enjoy them throughout the year! If you’re not quite sure what someone’s interests or style is, a house plant is a pretty safe bet. As well as looking beautiful, a plant can also improve air quality and lift moods!

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Fun For Everyone

The final thing that we are going to suggest is that you get something that can be fun for everyone. There is no rule that says you can’t take your employees or clients on a trip for their Christmas gift or to a lovely meal. You can all go together, allowing for some bonding time within the company, or between you and your clients.

Do something that is fun, and plan fun activities for the duration. Just make sure that it isn’t longer than a weekend as a lot of these people will have families and friends to see. You can set up fun things like skydiving, theme parks days, or a surfing lesson. It’s a welcome break away, and a way for everyone to get to know each other a little better outside of the work environment.

We hope that we’ve given you a little inspiration to get some gifts that your work connections will love! Happy shopping ❤️

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