December Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for December?

December Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for December?

Welcome to our series on birth month flowers.

December has to be one of the best months of the year! It is the first month of summer which is always an exciting time, and most importantly it is a time where we can eat copious amounts of delicious food and enjoy a drink or two without feeling guilty. What's not to love right?! Well, if you need to choose gorgeous blooms for a birthday or even early Christmas gift then you've come to the right place because we have an endless supply of gorgeous flowers! But really to go along with the fun Christmas spirit we thought why not share your birth flowers for December, which are Paperwhites and Holly.



Paperwhites symbolise sweetness, purity and simplicity, whereas Holly symbolises protection and defence. A Narcissus flower is often muddled up with a Daffodil and although they are similar but different, they both come from the same family! They even have the same Greek mythology meaning about a young hunter who was obsessed with himself, and he drowned from looking at his own reflection!

Paperwhites are a popular flower choice used for wedding flowers! The gorgeous hues of white and cream look way too dreamy arranged in a bouquet. They are the kind of flowers that you will find everywhere, and their sweet scent is like breathing in fresh air. They're a wonderful flower to leave in your kitchen if you feel like having a fresh, smelling room! These stunning blooms are delicate and look effortlessly beautiful in a Spring bouquet, or especially in a Christmas bunch! The colour of Paperwhites mix perfectly with yellows, reds, oranges and all the colours you can think of!



To coincide with the festive season, Holly is the flower for December and this flower has become such a huge part of the Christmas tradition for over a thousand years! This flower has always carried Christian associations but even before Christianity, the Holly plant was associated with good luck and protection. You have probably seen them before, but there are little red berries that grow on a Holly flower. Although sadly they are not edible, they are a vibrant and wonderful addition on a holly wreath! There is nothing more blissful than seeing a Christmas holly wreath on your neighbour's doors!

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