Where the Irish countryside meets the coast: designing the new ‘Kinsale’ bouquet

Where the Irish countryside meets the coast: designing the new ‘Kinsale’ bouquet

Nestled in the heart of Ireland’s picturesque County Cork lies the enchanting coastal town of Kinsale. Painted in vibrant hues of pinks, blues, and greens, Kinsale’s charming shopfronts stand as a colourful testament to its unique character. But it’s the untamed, wildflower-covered coastline that truly defines this coastal gem.

The vibrantly coloured streetscape of Kinsale served as the jumping off point for Lin, one of our very talented designers from the Melbourne team. The rocky and rugged coastline that surrounds Kinsale inspired Lin to set the design in the Textured Jade Vase as the rippling texture and green colour reminded her of the ocean. Lin wanted the flowers selection to be a mixture of wildflower inspired blooms combined with interesting pops of colour and texture.

The design process…


The ‘Kinsale’ blends the wildflowers and coastal essence of the town from which it gets its name. Snapdragons, thryptomene, alstroemeria, carnations will you feel like we’re walking through the Irish countryside picking flowers as you go. Proteas, Singapore orchids and cappuccino-coloured roses to bring pops of colour, and all designed into our Textured Jade Vase. The wild, colourful flowers against the green, wave textured glass definitely makes us want to frolic through an Irish meadow by the sea.


Lin wanted to create a wildflower inspired design with a twist! Our Jade Textured Vase was the base of the design because to her the colour green feels summery, and this summery feeling informed her flower choices.

White snapdragons, alstroemeria and thryptomene – these feel as though they could have been picked from a garden in the Irish countryside. The white and green of the snapdragons and alstroemeria create a neutral base for the brighter coloured blooms to shine. Thryptomene is native to Australia and native florals and foliage always remind Lin of summer when she is designing with them, so including an Australian native was a must.

Proteas, Singapore orchid and carnations – these flowers bring the design to life with pops of colour and provide interesting texture. Lin loves the combination of burgundy, pink and green. The burgundy Singapore orchid and fuchsia pink protea match beautifully with the green of the vase.

Roses – the roses Lin chose are a beautiful cappuccino colour which you don’t typically see in Fig & Bloom designs. Such a unique selection of flowers!

Your Kinsale design

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a heartfelt congratulations, or simply a spontaneous “just because,” Kinsale is the perfect gift. Its vase arrangement is particularly convenient for hospital rooms, allowing recipients to enjoy their blooms bedside without the fuss of finding a vase.

How to take care of your Kinsale design:

  • When you receive the bouquet, remove the wrapping paper and remove the wet-wrapping.
  • Don’t cut the binding off of the stems! Each flower has been carefully placed in a specific place to achieve the design and is then bound to hold this design in place. And unless the vase that the bouquet is going into has a very narrow neck, cutting the binding will cause the flowers to move out of the little home the florist has created and the effect won’t be the same.
  • Trim the stems at an angle.
  • Place into a vase of fresh water and change the water every 2 days.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heaters – these will make them wilt faster.
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