Discover which flower matches your zodiac sign

Discover which flower matches your zodiac sign

Whether or not you believe in astrology, horoscopes have always been quite fascinating to some degree. From Virgo's typically being the quiet, sensitive type to Leo's usually being known as the loud, cheerful bunch, your astrological sign is usually quite accurate. Which is why we thought we would do some research and match each of your horoscope signs to a designated flower. Now, we may not be experts in astrology but we sure do know our flowers.

Aries | Tulips



Aries are usually known for being confident, very adventurous, and impulsive. Which is why we chose Tulips because there is no other flower that can quite match the Leo spirit. Tulips tend to bend and move towards the light and appear to be free from gravity, such as a Leo, and with their beautiful double bloom and variety deeply shaded colours, well, this is a perfect match.

Taurus | Poppy


If you're a Taurus, there's a chance you love the finer things in life. A flair for design, an eye for detail, whatever the case may be, refinery comes naturally to you. Did we mention how resilient and headstrong a Taurus can be? All of the above makes the Poppy the most alluring flower we could think of for this sign. Whether you're giving them as a gift or receiving them from someone, Poppy's are all about the finer pleasures in life.

Gemini | Lavender


If you're a Gemini, there's a good chance you like to decorate your landscape with beautiful things and ideas that most wouldn't even think of. Expansive in your expression and profound in your productivity, Lavender is the perfect match for you. You love to share anything you can with people and Lavender is best when it is shared because its bloom spreads far and wide to anyone and everyone who will be their witness.

Cancer | White Roses


Cancerians are an endearing bunch. While they can be quite introspective and sensitive, when they want to make a statement they certainly will not hesitate. Which is why White Roses are the best representation of the Cancer sign. White Roses are usually sent to someone when you're hoping to avoid any future conflict and are the pure embodiment of innocence and spirituality.

Leo | Sunflower


Leos are said to be the most creative of the signs so there's no flower other than the Sunflower that we could think of for this match. Sunflowers are as bright and cheerful as they come and there certainly aren't many other flowers out there that can match the spirit of a Sunflower. A large bouquet of Sunflowers makes the perfect gift for anyone as they are sure to remember it for a very long time.

Virgo | Daffodil


Though they can be known for being perfectionists, Virgos are also one of the most caring and friendliest signs in the astrological chart. With a keen eye for detail, the Daffodil is a Virgo in a nutshell… well, stem but you get the point. They look wonderful when they're mixed with a larger arrangement of blooms as their ability to blend in also makes them stand out but when you tidy a bunch of Daffodil' together, you get a one of a kind arrangement.

Libra | Hydrangea


Keen on balance and justice, Libra's have long been associated with Hydrangeas and we aren't going to break the streak now. Blue is the most common colour when it comes to Hydrangeas and it's no mistake that it's also the same colour we think of when we think of Libra's. Blue is the most balanced and “fair” colour of the colour spectrum and Libra's tend to be the most balanced of all the astrological signs.

Scorpio | Peonies


Ah, Scorpios… So commanding and passionate. You may have heard of the saying, “Ride or die,” once or twice in your life and when it comes from a Scorpio, they mean it. Which is exactly what we think of when we see Peonies, especially when they are burgundy red. Their rich, deep colour and stand-out look perfectly match the intensity of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius | Carnations


Loveable, fun, and versatile. Are we talking about a Sagittarius or are we talking about Carnations? That's actually a trick question because we're talking about both. Sagittarius' and Carnations are infamously known for being uncomplicated and attractive, while never missing a chance to briefly showing us a glimpse of their dramatic side. Carnations come in a variety of colours, though pink and white seem to be the most heavily favoured colours, and they have the ability to look great on their own or with a larger arrangement. Take your pick!

Capricorn | Lilies


Steadfast, dependable, and patient are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of Capricorns. Though they can appear to be a bit “cold” at times, when they offer their wisdom to you it means they want the best for you. Which is why the minimalist and clean look that you can only find in Lilies make these two an easy match. With the right care and maintenance, Lilies can last a long time and you will always have a friend in a Capricorn.

Aquarius | Orchid


Aquarians are the opposite of conventional which gives them the ability to be extraordinary forward thinkers. Seeing as Orchids are often associated with beauty and brilliance, well, these two were meant to be. While Orchids come in a wide variety of colours, each one is strikingly beautiful in their own way and no matter how you arrange them, each arrangement will look different from the other. The same goes for Aquarians everywhere.

Pisces | Ranunculus


Pisces are believed to be the most romantic of all the signs and we might have to agree. Their imaginative spirit and carefree nature give them an “out of this world” vibe and we couldn't think of a better flower than the Ranunculus to match our last sign. These beautiful flowers have an immense amount of layers to them and will bloom wherever nature allows them to.

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