February Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for February?

February Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for February?

Welcome to our series on birth month flowers.

We all know Feb is the month of lurrrve! The first thing that comes to our mind is Valentine's Day and an abundance of dreamy roses. Not only is February about celebrating Valentine's Day, it is also the shortest month of the year and even better, it is SUMMER! What a glorious month to have your birthday in! It is pretty special receiving birthday flowers, personally we would say there is no better gift but what is even more special is receiving your birth flowers! To our surprise, February's birth flower is not roses and in fact the official Birth Flowers are Violet and Primrose. Who would've thought eh?!


february birth flower

The language of flowers says so much more than just sending a text, or a phone call! The modern world may be taking over one new iPhone at a time but at least we still have gorgeous flowers to communicate meaningful messages. Back in the Victorian age, a gift of Violets was a representation to always be true and let's face it, that is a pretty perfect representation when we think of Valentine's day! A Violet bloom also symbolizes modesty, faithful love and loyalty. All very fitting for the month of love. What a lovely reminder that such a delicate, purple-hued bloom could mean so much! This is the month of warm, lovey feels! Keep em' coming we say!


Primrose is February's second birth flower and it symbolises affection and young love. If you haven't already seen what a Primrose flower looks like, think of sweet and delicate flowers in the colours of a rainbow. They grow in bright yellow, different shades of pink and purple, red and orange! Primrose flowers are also known for being edible!! These blooms are perfect to add some colour to your favourite treat and would be exceptionally ideal for a birthday cake!

february birth flower

Just like birthstones, our birth flowers say a lot about our personalities. According to February birth flowers, those who are in the month of Feb are known for being totally down-to-earth, genuine, loyal and having a LOVE for your friends and family that is unbounded. We think the flower sums up your personality precisely when you think of the meanings of a Violet and Primrose flower!

Our Feb pals! We hope you spend your birthday with copious amounts of love, and with violets and primrose! Enjoy the many birthday cakes with (hopefully) lots of edible flowers on it.

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