The Impact of Flowers on Mental Health

The Impact of Flowers on Mental Health

We all know the incredible benefits that nature can have on our mood and wellbeing. So much so, they even say that incorporating the colour green into our homes can have similar effects! But what about flowers?

Studies have shown that flowers offer us an incredibly simple but effective way to improve our mental health. Simply being around them can lift our spirits, increase happy emotions, improve social behaviour, and encourage feelings of life satisfaction. This World Mental Health Day, we’re diving a little deeper into the magical power of flowers.

How can flowers have a positive impact on mental health?

For the team at Fig & Bloom, we know that working with flowers makes us happy, simply by brightening the room. But there’s a lot more to the incredible impact of flowers on mental health than meets the eye.

1. Colour

You may know from the fashion and interior design industries that colour can have a definitive impact on our mood. And flowers make no exception to this! Understanding colour in floral arrangements can therefore help to foster the right atmosphere in your own home, or that of a friend.

Red, for example, symbolises anger or danger in some circumstances, but with flowers, it often denotes love and passion. Blue, on the other end of the spectrum, is linked to calmness and tranquillity – like green. Brighter colours, such as yellow, are associated with happiness and mood-boosting.

Colour is therefore a huge consideration when it comes to choosing flowers for yourself or a friend. Sending flowers and receiving flowers is a sensual experience, so we should play to all the senses when picking our bunches.

2. Smell

It’s not just the sight of the flowers that matters, but also the aroma. Smelling flowers has been known to reduce cortisol levels in the body, and therefore built-up stress and anxieties, making us feel calmer and more relaxed. They can also release endorphins which help to change our frame of mind and make us happier. It’s no wonder the expression “stop and smell the roses” is so popular!

You may have heard that the smell of lavender has great effects on our wellbeing. The aroma that this flower produces is often touted as an excellent de-stresser – and it’s absolutely true! Lavender has proven its incredible ability to lower heart rates and blood pressure, making us calmer. This also helps us to sleep more restfully, which in turn has its own benefits for our mental health.

3. Arranging

So, if we can get all these amazing benefits just from looking at the colours of flowers and inhaling their beautiful aromas, what happens if we touch them?

Studies have shown that simply arranging flowers can reduce stress by lowering heart rates and blood pressure. In one study, 53% of participants said that flower arranging specifically made them feel relaxed or at ease, while 90% of participants said that simply doing something creative reduced their stress.

So, next time you receive a beautiful bouquet, try taking some time to mix and arrange your blooms, and see if you fall into a creative, relaxing ‘flow’. It can be incredibly therapeutic, taking your mind off everyday worries, and allowing your breathing to regulate.

4. Sending / receiving

Let’s face it, sending and receiving flowers just make you feel good. Knowing that someone you love has a smile on their face from being handed a bouquet boosts oxytocin and lifts our mood and receiving flowers knowing that someone is thinking about you feels great too.

In a time where we’re mostly connected and communicating through a screen, sending, and receiving something physical is such a beautiful, generous gesture. It helps to spread the love, reduce feelings of loneliness, and really strengthens bonds with our nearest and dearest.

5. Just being around them!

Last, but not least, just being in the presence of flowers can bring us joy. In fact, in one study, 84% of people said that a bouquet of blooms provided an overall calming effect, and a whopping 100% said that they felt happier with flowers in the workspace. And this effect can last for days. In our minds, it’s an easy decision!

Lift your mood and someone else’s today

Now you know the incredible mood enhancing benefits of beautiful blooms, it’s time to make yourself, and someone else, smile today by sending a bouquet!

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