Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother’s Day is such a special time; a chance to show the maternal figures in your life how much you appreciate them. We at Fig & Bloom have curated a guide to help inspire your gift choices. Whoever your maternal figure is that you celebrate, we’re sure you can find something she’ll love.

hot pink roses

F&B’s top picks for Mother’s Day gifts

Share your love with flowers

Flowers are a classic way to show your love and appreciation. The below list of blooms are all packed full of gorgeous symbolism, to make sure your gift is the most meaningful it can be. We go to great lengths to source locally grown, seasonal Mother's Day flowers.


Also known as ‘Chrissies’ or ‘Mums’, Chrysanthemums are traditional Mother’s Day flowers. In Asia, they symbolise birth or rebirth, elsewhere they represent happiness, joy and loyalty. The perfect pick for a Mother’s Day gift. If you agree, you can find them in our Lucerne bouquet.


We’ve not been shy about our love for Roses. But did you know they’re not just for romance? Pink Roses are just as beautiful as their red counterparts, and they represent gratitude and admiration. Which makes them a gorgeous gift for Mother’s Day. You can find pretty pink Roses in our Marseille bouquet.


A lot of people associate Mother’s Day with Tulips. They’re a classic choice, and make an amazing addition to any bouquet for your maternal figure. With so many colours to choose from, you can find something for everyone. They also symbolise caring and affection; such a great way to share your love. You can find them in our Florence bouquet.


These gorgeous flowers symbolise devotion, which make them an ideal flower for this occasion. They come in a whole range of colours, so you can easily find the right fit for that special someone you’re celebrating. They feature in our Pyrenees bouquet, so check them out on our website – and show your devotion!


We’ve spoken about how much we love Lisianthus, or ‘Lizzies’, before. They have very fitting symbolism for the upcoming celebrations, signifying appreciation. They’re absolutely stunning in our Lisbon bouquet – and well worth considering in our opinion.


Carnations are back on the rise, and we’re incredibly excited about this. They’re such gorgeous flowers! In some cultures, they also symbolise appreciation, and are even given as a traditional gift on Parent’s Day in South Korea. Packed full of meaning and beauty, you can’t deny that they’re a perfect gift for Mother’s day. They absolutely shine in our Umbria bouquet.

pink carnation and pink lisianthus

Something less floral

If flowers aren’t their thing, or you want to pair your carefully selected bouquet with another gift, there are plenty of other options. From candles to skincare to jewellery, there is a whole world of gift ideas out there, which can be a little overwhelming. Remember, it’s all about them – so just look for a gesture you think they’d enjoy.

If you need a bit of gift inspiration, we’ve got a great gift selection on our website. If you opted for a bouquet, why not pair it with one of our stunning vases? For those with a sweet tooth, we have a delectable selection of handmade chocolates that will be sure to satisfy them. If a nice bottle of booze is something they’d like, we have a variety of beverages available including gin, wine and fizz. Or if you’re after something that lasts a little longer, check out our house plants.

An experience to remember

Sometimes the best gift is a life experience with someone else, and maybe one you’d never do otherwise. So have a good think about what your person would enjoy most – whether it’s a relaxing and restorative yoga retreat or session, or something more adventurous like a hot air balloon ride – or even skydiving! If you’re unsure, we think flower arranging workshops, cooking classes, or concert tickets to their favourite music artist is always a winner.

Quality time

Mother’s day doesn’t have to all be about money. You can spoil them with a nice meal, make them a present yourself, go on a walk or to the beach, or simply pop on their favourite movie, grab some snacks, and watch it with them.

Tokens of your love

Whatever you choose, remember that it’s always the thought that counts. Spending time to find the right gift or activity to do with the people you love will always make for a special day. We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to make your day as special as possible! Click here to browse blooms, plants, and gifts fit for the special person you’re celebrating.

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