To Kellie & Dan; A personal note from your Fig & Bloom team

To Kellie & Dan; A personal note from your Fig & Bloom team

Where do we start? Kellie Brown is the founder and creative director behind Fig & Bloom, along with her exceptionally tech-savvy and brainy partner Dan Groch. Together, these two are a power couple to be reckoned with! Their energy in and out of our floral studio is contagious, and the endless hours and hard work they put into the company and our team never goes unnoticed. These two work harder than anyone we know!

The passion that goes into their floral company is raw and genuine, and it shows every single day when Kellie and Dan are in the studio. What some don’t know is, it all started with Kellie making incredible bouquets on the bonnet of her car, photographing them and delivering around Melbourne. Quickly the business outgrew the family garage, and has since expanded into two rapidly growing studios in Sydney and Melbourne.

Kellie and Dan’s commitment to leadership is appreciated by us all, especially how much time they invest individually in each team member to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible. Their patience and kindness is admirable, and their friendly reminders, laughs and advice are what we appreciate the most. Their support enables growth within the team and makes each and one of us feel like we are valued and we can do anything!

It is so unique to be a part of a tech startup with flowers! That is literally what Fig & Bloom is. We are a business that has been set up using technology and apps to make sure we work efficiently at scale, and it is so breathtaking watching Fig & Bloom continuously boom. During COVID-19 we have experienced a 400% in growth which has made us the busiest we’ve ever been! With Dan incorporating his tech savvy and Kellie being an absolute superstar on the creative side, both have allowed us to manage this growth and the teams in Melbourne and Sydney have been closer than ever with the constant motivational pep talks and support.

Dan is the man behind the scenes, whether it is logistics, numbers, operations AND marketing, he has been impressively juggling it all. Oh, and not to forget Dan is also our fav flower market man! More often than not, he gets up at 2am and goes to pick up the freshest blooms and then comes back to the studio until at least 4pm! Dan has this completely humble aura and his hard working attitude is an inspiration to the whole team. The same goes for Kellie who is the sweetest and most caring person who always has an eye out for you. Kellie is incredibly patient and is always willing to explain things more than once. We are constantly in awe of Kellie’s creative talents and her desire to make every floral arrangement just as perfect as her last. To be a true leader and manager, you need to possess all of these characteristics and honestly Kellie and Dan do it all! We feel so lucky to learn and grow with Kellie and Dan because not every team has leaders like them.

It has been a wild and magical journey for us this year in 2020, and we want our leaders Dan and Kellie to know how grateful we are to have such brilliant and hardworking leaders! Your talents and hard efforts are continuously inspiring to the whole team and we feel the love everyday working alongside you both. You deserve to be acknowledged for EVERYTHING that you do, and we can’t thank you both enough for being who you are!

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