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Baby Burrito Swaddle

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Koko Black Praline Gift Box 100g


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The Baby Burrito swaddle has versatile arm holes and offers a cozy, escape-proof sleep for your newborn.

With the flexibility to swaddle with arms in or out, baby can snooze just like they’re back in the womb, promoting self-soothing and a comfortable position for every type of sleeper.

Baby Burrito has a commitment to safety, creating a gentle yet secure cocoon for all-night comfort and ensuring natural hip movement.
The swaddle's TOG Rating is a versatile 0.3, but wrap up with both sides for a snug TOG of 0.9.

Say goodnight to fussy sleepers and hello to peaceful sleeps with our patent-pending swaddle for newborns.

Endorsed by Dr. Golly | Bachelor of Medicine, University of Melbourne. FRACP. Former Chief Resident Medical Officer of Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

"Swaddles are great because they dampen the startle reflex and return a baby to the feeling of being inside the womb. I recommend that all babies under 4 months are tightly swaddled either arms up or arms down, using a nice, stretchy material."

Dr Golly (Dr Daniel Golshevsky) is a Melbourne-based paediatrician and father of three. Specialising in unsettled babies and poor sleep, with a focus on empowering parents and protecting mothers sleep,

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