Floral installation inspiration: creative ideas for your next event

Floral installation inspiration: creative ideas for your next event

Flowers are used at a wide variety of events across the world, whether at a wedding, birthday celebration, baby shower, or even a corporate party. As the years go on, event flowers just get bigger, better and more creative. Gone are the days of a simple bridal bouquet or a minimalist table centrepiece. And we’re here for it!

If you want to jazz up your next event and go bold and beautiful with an arresting display of blooms, we’ve got just the inspiration for you. We’ve collated our favourite recent looks from our own event styling, as well as some other genius installations we’re inspired by.

Whether you have a detailed brief or a just a BIG IDEA, we would love to help take your events flowers concept to gorgeous reality. Contact us to book a free consultation with one of our events specialists.

Table arrangements

table arrangements

We adore this look from a client’s afternoon tea party! Blush and pastel yellow

meets rich leafy foliage in this classic design – fit for an afternoon tea on a summer’s day.

Picture perfect

We adore this look from a client’s afternoon tea party! Blush and pastel yellow meets rich leafy foliage in this classic design – fit for an afternoon tea on a summer’s day.

Rustic beauty

This has us dreaming of an Italian wedding! These cascading table centrepieces leave nothing to be desired. Spanning various levels, filled with delicious texture… yet the all-white look ensures it’s not overpowering. Bellissima!

Mother Earth

At Fig & Bloom, we love dried flowers and foliage, so it’s no surprise that we adore this earth-toned, dried look. Fluffy pampas with crisp, dried foliage, and a delicate flower finish – what’s more to love?

Surrounded by blooms

Why stop at dressing the table? Make everywhere the eyes glance look beautiful by taking the design off the ends of the table. It will certainly make the setting look even more stunning in photos, too!

It’s all about the levels

This takes various levels to the next level. We love how they pair overhead bouquets with their tiny counterparts on the table. Super chic, and leaves practical space on the table for glasses, bottles, and side plates. Win-win.

Ceiling displayceiling flower installation

Go big or go home

Captured at a client’s Christmas party, we used all the glitz and glamour for this installation. Statement flowers, statement foliage… this installation certainly got some attention from their guests!

Too many is not enough

There is no such thing as too many flowers. Whether it’s a huge corporate event or a small wedding, a design like this is sure to impress your guests!

ceiling flower installations

Add other botanicals into the mix…

Why stop at flowers? Foliage and fruit make for a super unique and stunning display – and you can carry your dinner theme overhead!

Incorporate lighting

Is there anything more beautiful than gorgeous flowers and soft lighting? Mix them together in one display, and you’re on to a winner.

Minimal look, maximum impact

If you’re not a fan of the maximalist look, mobiles offer an incredibly classy, cleaner style, but with a massive impact. A great alternative to the huge ceiling displays above.

Flower art

From the window to the wall

We absolutely love this installation inspiration. Why leave flowers tucked away on the table or hanging from the ceiling? Give them real estate on the floors and walls, or any surface that you wish!

Party arch

We love this weird and wonderful display! The natural world meets late night party… perfectly strange and interesting.

Selfie time

This flower frame came from a client’s fashion night, but it could very easily be transported to a wedding or birthday event! Let your guests make memories in their gorgeous outfits, and snap photos with a beautiful background.

Stairway to heaven

We believe that nothing should be left un-beautified. Including the stairs! Invite your guests into your wonderful event with an equally wonderful entrance.

Plant power

Remember that installations don’t have to be flower-filled, they can also be plant-powered! We covered a client’s staff party in beautifully painted leaves for a super unique look.

Flowers everywhere

Why have order to your installation when disorder looks this good? Let the flowers take over at all levels of your event space.

Inspiration overload

Feeling inspired to fill your event with beautiful blooms? Whether you’ve got a clear scope in mind or simply some ideas, the Fig & Bloom team can help you to make your dream a reality.

No matter the size or scale of your installation goals, whether it’s a stunning tablescape for a small tea party, or an awe-inspiring installation for a huge event, our expert team will take your event to the next level. Wow your guests and feel the pride for years to come… 

Contact us to book a free consultation with one of our events specialists.

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