Houseplants add style and enhance our wellbeing

Houseplants add style and enhance our wellbeing

We all know that having an abundance of greenery in our homes is essential based on these two truths; it adds style to our homes and it helps with mental well-being!

Our mental well-being is so important and it is pretty safe to say that 2020 has been a nerve-racking and unsettling year for everyone. We have some helpful tips that we hope will not only lift your mood, but will instantly boost your home’s aesthetic. Having a comfortable and fresh workspace or living space is everything, and since COVID-19 hit, there has been a vast majority of people working from home so making these small changes to your home could not be more needed! There are voluminous studies that really emphasize the benefits of houseplants and the positive effects they have on mental health and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

There are endless options for houseplants and we are here to help you choose the dreamiest plant for your home! The most commonly chosen indoor plants are the gorgeous Monstera, Ficus Elastica Burgundy, Peace Lilies, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Palm Plants and the Money Plant! Inevitably the list of houseplants goes on but these are just a few popular plants we see frequently in our own friends and families homes! Remember plants are very personal and there will always be a few certain plants that tickle your fancy the most.

Let’s start with how to style your office or dreamy haven whilst being in iso! If you are working in a study let’s say, there are endless ways to jazz up the room! You can look at hanging plants such as the luscious Ivy plants, any of the Ivy plants will look beautiful! The English Ivy and Japanese Ivy are a few of our favs and they look superb hanging around windows, or hanging from a shelf or fireplace if you have them. Another great alternative is an indoor Fern plant! Ferns look incredible hanging over a window or over whatever item of furniture your heart desires! They flourish beautifully with lots of indirect sunlight so we would suggest you choose a position that will get the most natural light.

Choosing the perfect desk plants is the most fun part because there is endless choices to choose from! Our personal favourite desk plant is the Chinese Money Plant because it is the perfect size but mainly because it brings so much personality to your table. The Money plant brings good luck and prosperity so why not surround yourself with that energy whilst working hard! If you are looking for a low maintenance desk plant then go for a smaller peace lily, Syngonium, or spider plant. Another alternative is a fern, they add a tropical look to your workspace or home, and they’re generally low-maintenance houseplants, as long as you provide the right amounts of light and moisture.

Three Peace Lily plants

The beauty of having greenery in your workspace or home is not only for the aesthetic but plants are known to purify the air and help you feel connected to nature whilst being indoors. Houseplants are believed to help us flourish mentally, physically and spiritually, so really, there is no better time than to add a plant or two to your living space!

When it comes to styling your plants we would opt for ceramic pots that are in shades of white, grey or black as these are the colours that go with absolutely anything, and they offer a modern style which keeps your space looking simple yet effortless. If you are looking for a feature plant then we would suggest a Peace lily or Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera) for the corner of the room, they look absolutely gorgeous in the corner of any room, or next to a chair or fireplace.

To keep your work office and home feeling refreshed, as well looking aesthetically beautiful, we would seriously recommend adding some greenery! Not only will you work productively but you will notice your well-being feeling more productive and happy too.

Syngonium Plants
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