How to decorate your own real living mini Christmas tree

How to decorate your own real living mini Christmas tree

What is more adorable than a miniature ‘real living’ Christmas tree?! These super cute trees are not only convenient as Christmas gifts for friends and fam, but they are also perfect size trees to put in your own home.


We can all agree that there is nothing more nostalgic than thinking back to when you would go Christmas Tree hunting with your family and you would spend the whole night desperate to decorate the tree… BUT, we are getting older the last thing we want to do after consuming copious amounts of delicious food and enjoying our vaycay is to pack up & dispose of a dying Chrissy tree.

Of course, that doesn’t make us lazy, but seriously what is more ideal than replacing the bigger trees for a miniature Christmas tree? It certainly saves a lotta’ time!

We know these trees are pretty mini, and you’re probably wondering how should you style and decorate these small trees, well that’s what we are here for! Follow our guide and you will have the perfectly decorated and style mini tree!

Tip 1: choose a position in your lounge, dining room, or basically anywhere you love to sit and relax, and set up your mini tree there! We would personally pick a place where you sit the most with your fam and friends so you can feel that festive Christmas feeling around you.

Tip 2: Style your mini tree with your favourite Christmas decorations, we know how everyone’s collection is after years and years of tree decorating but the best part about our mini trees is, you get to select your favs and that’s all your tree needs to look ‘finished’. That’s the perk of having a mini tree.

Tip 3: Place your mini tree on somewhere that gives your tree height. This will seriously make you feel like your tree is “bigger” and it will look more like a feature piece. We suggest matching your tree with our wooden stands as they are perfect for giving them height and look gorgeous together, but if you have purchased without the stand be creative and place your tree somewhere that adds height.

Tip 4: Add dainty fairy lights to your tree. If you are looking for mini fairy lights, we would suggest trying Kmart, Big W and Bunnings. You can find smaller sized battery lights that will wrap around your tree like an absolute treat.

Voila! There you have it. The 4 easy tips that will make your mini Christmas stand out.

Thank us later. Enjoy the merry season everyone! We have all earned it after 2020.

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