How can I decorate my wedding without flowers?

How can I decorate my wedding without flowers?

Wedding flowers are expensive, there's no denying that. By the time you've paid for all the high-priced items, you still have to pay the photographer and other miscellaneous items and you've already flipped the couch cushions for spare change. Have we mentioned you still don't have any table decor?

No worries! We found a quick fix to nix an expensive item on your to-do list & your guests will love it. And, for those of you who don't have a wedding to plan anytime soon, you can still use this in your home year-round!

In this short visual guide we look at 10 non-floral centerpiece ideas. Keep reading for visual inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your wedding without flowers.

Bird Cages

bird cage wedding table decorations

If you're looking for a rustic or vintage feel at your wedding or in your home, bird cages provide a simple, yet impressive, centrepiece for any table or mantel. Place some of your favourite ivy or just a few of your favourite flowers in the cage and you're done! Or, if you'd rather something else other than flowers, your favourite scented candle will create an intimate mood, as well.



Lanterns are perfect for your home during the fall or winter seasons but can also add a cozy touch to tables for weddings. Choose from a metal or wood-style lantern and apply this idea to any place of gathering of your choosing. You can even place a candle inside the lantern and watch as the lantern completely changes the setting of the room after sunset.

Teacup Towers

wedding table decorations tea cup flowers

Teacup Towers are perfect for those of you looking for any excuse to break out the ‘fine china' you can't seem to find any use for. Stack the cups or saucers at the centre of the table for the perfect blend of elegant and eclectic. Place some colourful candles or faux pearls around the centrepiece if you really want to delight your guests upon arrival.


wedding table decorations books

This idea may seem a little odd to some of you but we assure you it's possible to make this look great. We all have books lying around the house collecting dust somewhere, why not give them some literal use? Cut out the center of the top book and use it as a small “pot” for your flowers or you could even cut out some of the pages to sprinkle around the sides.

Wine Bottles

wedding table decorations wine bottles

Feel like showing off your taste in wine? Some of us may not even have to spend any money for this decoration. It's as easy as this: take your bottle of wine, find a complementary decoration you can place at the neck of the bottle, and place it at the center of your table. That's it. Simple, right?

Potted Herbs

wedding table decorations potted herbs

For those of you who have a garden or know of a local farmer's market, this one is perfect for you. Take some oregano, basil, or tarragon and place it inside of a pot and instantly give your table an organic feel. If you have some extra greenery laying around, you can even leave some on each place setting for your guests to take home with them!


wedding table decorations terrarium

Want to introduce your guests to a new eco-friendly world? Terrariums not only bring back some elementary school memories but they're still just as easy to make and make a surprisingly great alternative to floral centerpieces. Substitute dirt or moss for sand or seashells and create your seaside fantasy anyway you'd like.


wedding table decorations pin wheels

Ah, just in time for spring! Perfect for outdoor settings, paper pinwheels bring some nostalgia to the table. Pre-made pinwheels are readily available and inexpensive but if you really want to cut down on costs and personalise your table settings, host a craft night with your friends or bridesmaids and create an amazing collection of amazing pinwheels!


wedding table decorations cornucopia

Pumpkins, cornhusks, apples, gourds, and leaves. While Cornucopia is absolutely perfect for the autumn/fall season, they also make for a colourful spread for any centrepiece. Whether you choose to use your own produce or the produce from your local farmer's market, this is an easy, yet crafty, centrepiece to wow your guests with.

Sweet Treats

wedding table decorations sweet treats

Last, but most certainly not least, who doesn't love a delicious-looking centrepiece? Place some of your favourite layer coloured sugar, sand, crushed candy, or pinwheel lollipops in a glass vessel and you're done. Just make sure you hide the leftovers and don't forget to treat yourself afterward!

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