Why do women like flowers?

Why do women like flowers?

Sounds like a loaded question, doesn't it?

Well, that's because it is. Honestly, women like flowers for a number of reasons. Whether they simply like the colours of each individual flower or they like the various types of nature that flowers attract from the world. There are a number of reasons why women like flowers but we thought we would start with a few reasons why we believe women like flowers in hopes of giving you a bit more insight.

“Pointlessness” Is Romantic

“What's the point of paying all this money for something that's just going to die in a few days?” Don't worry, if you're someone who thinks flowers are pointless, you're not alone. The irony here is that's the part that women actually love about flowers. Though the idea of love is infinite, the gesture of giving a woman flowers is ephemeral and exciting. Even though it may seem to you that the money you just spent on those flowers will eventually go to waste, the feeling that you give that woman when you give her flowers will last much longer and the smile you put on her face when you surprise her with them will be of much more value.

bicycle and woman with flowers


There's something about flowers that can also be quite representative of a woman's beauty. While they can appear to be particularly delicate, they are also fully capable of showing you their edgy side, as well. And, while it can be hard to tell each apart from a distance, the closer you get the abler you are to see their distinct beauty, individuality and everything else that completely separates them from the rest of the crowd. Each has their own particular description, representation, and necessities for care, but a little tender, love, and genuine care will always go a long way.

Romantic Nature

Flowers are romantic. Period. Flowers are an inherently romantic gift and they've been that way since the beginning of time. Their fragrance and association with beauty and love make them the ideal gift if you are ever in the need for a way to show your affection for someone. Here's the other thing; whether you are giving a woman an entire bouquet of her favourite flowers or you're simply surprising her with a single rose on your first date, the sentiment is a no-fail romantic option and since flowers can sometimes be “too feminine” for a masculine purchase, when you show a woman that you're not afraid to walk around with her favourite flower in-hand will also separate you from almost anyone she's ever met prior to meeting you.

They're Special

Women are special. Which means they deserve special things. When a woman gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to her workplace, it's almost like she has the spotlight on her for the day and, quite frankly, that's how they should feel everyday. Or, if you decide to surprise her with a bundle of flowers waiting at her doorstep for her arrival at home, each person that passes her door will instantly know that she has someone that cares deeply and passionately for her. So, whether you want to brighten up her day at work, give her something new to decorate her home with, or you just simply want to remind her how much you care for her, there's only one thing to do…

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