June Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for June?

June Birth Flower: What is the Birth Flower for June?

Welcome to our series on birth month flowers.

Did you know that the birth flowers for June are Roses and Honeysuckle? If you didn't know, now you do! Both these flowers couldn't be any different from each other so get ready for a little bit of fun flower education for those of you who are born in June.


Roses are one of our personal favourites, they are so heavenly! We all have those childhood memories where either a grandma, or a friend's mum grew the most gorgeous roses in their backyards, and oh the the fragrance of a fresh homegrown rose is just so comforting. The beauty about roses is they come in every colour and there are more than 100 types of roses.

When we think of roses, we think of romance right? Every Valentine's Day, there is an absolute abundance of roses and have you ever looked into why we always give so many roses? Well, it is because a rose symbolizes devotion and love, however the various colours of roses all mean something unique.

A red rose means passionate love where as a yellow rose means friendship! A pale pink rose symbolizes grace, elegance and admiration, at Fig & Bloom, we absolutely adore pink roses and they've been incorporated in quite a few of our floral designs. White Roses are divine, and they are commonly chosen for bridal bouquets. A White rose signifies something that will last a lifetime, so if your lover gives you white roses, then you will know they are showing you love and hope to last a lifetime. How romantic! There are even blue, orange and green roses and all of these roses are just magical as each other.

If you want to show some birthday flowers love or just some general love for your loved ones then you definitely can't go wrong with sending a bunch of gorgeous roses! That special person will really feel how much you love them!


Now time for Honeysuckle! The name Honeysuckle sounds so delicious and almost sounds like an edible flower but sadly, it's not… However they are in fact magnets for hummingbirds and Honeysuckle flowers attract butterflies. These flowers are not often used in bouquets but if you plant them in your backyard then you certainly will have a happy, colourful garden which will attract all the butterflies possible!

If you are born in June, then we would say you're pretty lucky to have the most beautiful roses as your birth flower! Everyone love's roses.

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