The Healing Power of a Flower Bunch

The Healing Power of a Flower Bunch

We never thought we would be here… in a full blown pandemic, but here we are! The year of Covid-19 has really welcomed unfamiliar feelings and anxieties, but one thing we know for certain at Fig & Bloom is, the isolation has brought us together in a time when a flower bunch has never meant so much to our loved ones.

When the world went into lockdown, we were restricted from going about our daily lives, and the biggest heartbreak of all was we were restricted from seeing our favourite humans on occasions that meant so much to us. Our lives shifted to a more virtually connected world where video calling with co-workers, friends and family members has become the norm more than ever, and sending a bunch of flowers with a personal message virtually has taken an even bigger trend with keeping everyone feeling connected and keeping that positive energy flowing.✨

At Fig & Bloom we have experienced first hand, the infinite amount of love being shared amongst our communities, and at the same time we noticed a HUGE influx in sales due to the global pandemic and that in itself, really showed us the value of flowers and human connection during Covid-19. We send a bunch of flowers for a million different reasons, it may be 'I am thinking of you a bunch', or 'just because I love you bunch' and the list of sweet personal notes goes on.

“Compassion opens limitless doors to human connections” - Steve Gilliland


The compassion shown throughout Covid-19 has been remarkable, and we have felt SO grateful to be part of a community that is able to help our fellow neighbours send those VERY much needed human connections. We all know that colours instantly brighten up our day, and at Fig & Bloom nothing brings us more 'heart warming joy' than knowing our hard work is going towards making someone's day that little bit better. So, thank you a bunch! What we have learned in the year of Rona is COMMUNITY, FLOWERS & COMPASSION are key in a time of a pandemic crisis.


It's important to look after ourselves throughout these times, and it's proven that being creative can help focus the mind and is even a form of meditation! So we have a super FUN ISO activity that we would recommend doing at home. Check it our post How to make an origami Cherry Blossom during ISO

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