Chinese Money Plant Care: How to Care for Money Plants

Chinese Money Plant Care: How to Care for Money Plants

With the COVID-19 lockdowns this year, people have fallen in love with indoor plants, and there's no plant more lovable than the Chinese Money Plant, scientifically known as Pilea Peperomioides. You can call it “Pilea” for short, or even the “Pancake Plant”. This gorgeous plant is Native to southern China and is a popular houseplant in temperate climates of the world like Australia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

With the distinctively circular leaves, the money plant has become a popular feature in Scandinavian homes, where it compliments a clean and minimalist look. If you are looking to deck out your house or bedroom with an abundance of fresh, unique and luscious looking green plants, or if you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift then we would highly recommend the “Chinese Money plant”.

The Money plant is a personal favourite of ours here at Fig and Bloom and we believe every plant you purchase deserves the love, care and attention it can get.

We like to call it 'plant therapy'!

The Chinese money plant symbolizes good luck and prosperity, so if you follow our simple care guidelines then we guarantee your Money plant will love you forever and will bring you good luck and happy energy in return!

How to care for Chinese Money Plants

Give it lots of natural light

When we say light is your saviour, we mean it however it is important to remember not to position your money plant in direct sunlight as that will cause discolour on the leaves. The purple should fade in time and will go back to its natural lime-green colour! We would suggest placing your plant near a sunny window or sitting it on a ledge that is just out of reach of the sun's rays.

Don't over water it

The Chinese Money plant, along with most succulents are tough and adaptable when it comes to a variety of situations and treatments, however it will become a love-hate relationship and won't live long if you are constantly over watering it! Make sure you check the soil before watering it and wait for the soil to dry out before doing it again. Winter tip: You want to give your plant enough water to keep the soil just barely moist.

Choose the right pot

When choosing the right pot for your money plant, a handy tip to keep in mind when selecting your pot is to go for a medium sized pot with holes at the bottom to provide good drainage. This will also help with root rot which can take place when there is too much water in the pot. Fig & Bloom has done the hard work for you and our Money plant comes in a unique and contemporary ceramic pot with feet (120mm diameter).

Trim any dead or dry leaves

Trimming your plant is entirely up to you however if you start to notice dry or dead leaves, then it is always a good thing to remove them! When pruning your Money Plant, make sure you use sharp and clean shears and cut any excessive growth at the base of the stem.

Propagation is possible

If this word is new to you, don't be alarmed! Propagation is the process which grows new plants and the Money plant tends to make lots of babies and therefore propagates!! It can easily be grown from stem cuttings in water, in a pot or soil if you take good care of it following a thorough money plant process. You can even cut off stem cuttings and grow them in a jar for your friends!

Clean with care

The leaves on Money plants are delicate, so when you go to clean your plant make sure you are extra careful! Mist regularly to keep dust off the plant, but if the leaves are extra dusty then carefully clean each leaf with a damp cloth.

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