Four insta-braggable ways to present your flowers this Valentine’s Day…

Four insta-braggable ways to present your flowers this Valentine’s Day…

Ah, Valentines Day, a time to show the one you love just how much you treasure them. But let's be honest – it's also a time to show your love off to the rest of the world!

Come Valentines Day 2019, social media will be flooded with images of vibrant floral creations, lavish dinners and sparkling jewellery.

Don't let your partner down… Give them something that will get their phone buzzing!

Now, obviously nothing says Valentines Day like a delivery of fresh, fragrant Valentine's Day flowers (we'll admit we may be a little biased!). Not only are they a wonderful surprise and oh-so-romantic, they're also very instagrammable 😉

But if you really want to give your partner something to brag about, try presenting your flowers in one of these show-stopping ways:

1. The fancy breakfast in bed

Get up early and make your partner's favourite breakfast. To add to the aesthetic appeal, present your culinary creation along with a bouquet of dewy red roses that they can gaze at while they munch. #rosesarered

fancy breakfast in bed

2. The office flower delivery

Valentines Day 2019 falls on a Thursday, so your loved one will probably be working. Make their day super special and order a flower delivery to their office… and hey, why not delight them with a scrumptious bottle of Pommery Brut NV champagne too!

Those spectacular blooms will add a pretty pop of colour to their workspace, and they can spend the day looking forward to popping the champagne with you later that night… #bestsurpriseever

office flower delivery

3. The sunset picnic

Want instant romance? Just add a sunset. Pack a picnic and take a drive to a scenic spot where you can clink your champagne glasses and nibble on artisanal chocolate (hint: we're giving it away!) as you cuddle up and watch the sun go down.

Hide a bunch of blooms that can be pulled out of thin air like a magician at just the right moment, and you'll really make it a night to remember! #toocute

sunset picnic

4. The Big Movie Moment

This one is ambitious, but if you can pull it off you might just go down in Valentines Day history!

Pick a scene from your partner's favourite romantic movie and recreate it. Stand outside their bedroom window with a boombox (Say Anything), pretend to fly together on the bow of a ship (Titanic), serenade them in a public place (10 Things I Hate About You) or declare your love on a bunch of large flash cards (Love Actually).

Once you've got them weeping with incredulity, swoop in with an extravagant floral masterpiece and give them a big, wet kiss! #toomuchtohandle

big movie moment

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