Spring Awakening! Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Victoria

Spring Awakening! Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Victoria

As spring awakens the landscape of Victoria, nature enthusiasts and admirers of all things beautiful eagerly await the blooming of cherry blossoms. Watching these delicate flowers emerge as spring sets in is a sight to behold, and Victoria has some great spots to enjoy the blossom’s beauty. Cherry blossoms enjoy cool climates such as the one we experience in Victoria and bloom only for a short few weeks in September, so be quick before they’re gone! We’ve rounded up a couple of spots where you can enjoy gorgeous cherry blossoms this spring.

1. Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

The beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in the centre of Melbourne is a great place to start. The cherry blossom trees are typically located around the Ornamental Lake area. Choose a sunny day this spring to have a picnic by the lake and enjoy the cherry blossoms against the city skyline.

2. Olinda, Dandenong Ranges

Located in the Dandenong Ranges about an hour from the Melbourne CBD is the town of Olinda. Each spring, Olinda’s various gardens are covered in pink petals. To enjoy the Olinda cherry blossoms, ensure to head to the National Rhododendron Garden and the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. This makes for a lovely day trip out of Melbourne to take in the beginning of spring and the warmer weather to come.

3. Cherryhill Orchards, Yarra Valley

Blossom Festival at the Cherryhill Orchards in the Yarra Valley is a fun, experience-filled way to enjoy all that spring has to offer. Cherryhill Orchards boasts 85 acres of blossom-filled trees that come alive during their Blossom Festival, running from September 16th-October 1st. At Blossom Festival you can also get involved in workshops such as candle or flower crown making or enjoy high tea. Book your tickets here.

At Fig & Bloom we have been inspired by the magic of cherry blossoms for a long time. Our Osaka bouquet was created to pay homage to this spring-time spectacle. The Osaka design is fluffy and delicate, in a fitting pink and white colour palette. This much-loved design now features gorgeous Ecuadorian roses.

Why are the roses grown in Ecuador so special? Rose farms in this region are located in the Andes Mountains, in high altitudes. The rich, volcanic soil and long hours of perpendicular sunlight come together to create conditions that produce roses of an incredibly high standard. Ecuadorian roses have long, thick stems, large buds and fuller blooms. They have a long vase-life (2 weeks with proper care) and produce the strongest, sweetest scent!

Order your Osaka bouquet below and enjoy this rose’s beauty for yourself.

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