Winter Pampering at Home: Cozy Self-Care Tips

Winter Pampering at Home: Cozy Self-Care Tips

As the cold sets in for the season, so can the winter blues. Long gone are the glorious days of summer – of long days, warmth, and sun! Yet winter offers us new opportunities. A slower pace, more reflection, longer nights of relaxation… a time for self-care.

How better to care for yourself than a relaxing spa day? And, you don’t have to succumb to the expense of a local spa. Read on for our top tips for turning your home into a sanctuary and transporting yourself to a calming oasis.

7 ways to create a spa experience at home

#1 Set the scene

Your first port of call is to create an environment conducive of relaxing. If you’ve got dishes in the sink, clothes strewn over your bedroom, or kids’ toys littering the living room floor, it’s unlikely you’ll feel completely calm. It’s like the adage says – tidy house, tidy mind.

Give your space a spruce and make it spick and span! Then shower your dedicated spa room with beautiful fresh flowers. And make sure to get the lighting right. We’re talking lamps, candles… anything that gives a low, glorious glow.

#2 It’s all about the aroma

If we asked you to close your eyes and picture a spa day, what’s the first thing you’d think of? Ours is always the scents. From the oils used in massages and treatments, to the diffusers filling the air with luxurious aromas, your senses feel beautifully overwhelmed.

Transport yourself to the spa in your own home with calming fragrances. Light scented candles, grab your favourite reed diffuser, spritz the space with room spray, or go ultra-luxurious with an oil diffuser. Whatever your vehicle, choose the scent for your mood. Sandalwood for calming, lavender for sleep, peppermint to clear your mind… find your fragrance.

#3 Music for the soul

Next, invite peace and serenity into your mind with a gentle playlist. Silence can often encourage your brain to conjure up the stresses from the day. Choose your favourite calming tracks or opt for a spa-style instrumental playlist – there are so many ready-made playlists on Spotify or YouTube for you to choose from if you’re feeling stuck or short on time.

#4 Indulge in treats

It wouldn’t be an at-home spa without your favourite treats! Indulge in herbal tea or a glass of fizz, and stock the fridge with goodies. Treat yourself to your favourite meal, as well as a great dessert or some indulgent chocolates. Today is all about you!

#5 Relax before the relaxation

To make the most of this experience, try to relax your mind before you start. Rushing around after a day’s work won’t allow you to begin your pamper session in the best frame of mind. Go for a walk, sit, and clear your mind… you could even just take a few deep breaths!

#6 Take a bath

It’s time to get pampering! There’s no better way to start a spa session than with a hot bath. Grab the bath salts, beautifully scented body wash, essential oils, or bubbles, whatever you need to relax. Exfoliate with a good scrub, and then nourish your skin with a bath oil or thick moisturiser. Then get comfy in your favourite pjs, pop a fluffy robe on and sink into some slippers.

If you don’t have a bath or are organising a night with your friends, don’t fret! Foot baths are a great alternative.

#7 Let the treatments commence

The scene is set, and your mind is ready… get the treatments going! Give yourself a facial with a jade roller or simply a self-massage, pack on a face mask, douse your skin in serums. And don’t forget to nourish your hair, too! Manicure, pedicure, simply painting your nails… choose your favourite treatments and go wild with them.

Yet, self-care is also about doing activities you enjoy. Bake a cake, watch a movie, read a book – do whatever you love to help you kick back and relax.

Open the spa

With all the steps and preparation above, you’re well on your way to the most perfect at-home spa experience. Whether it’s a night in alone, or a day with your pals, book in some me-time this winter. And we’ve got the perfect pamper kit to get you started. Our pretty pink hamper is packed full of bits to help you care for yourself or a friend – shop now!

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