How to preserve flowers at home

How to preserve flowers at home

We all know the sadness that sets in when a beautiful bouquet starts to droop – especially if they have sentimental value. But what if we told you that their beauty and memories can last forever

At Fig & Bloom, we’re all about making the good things last. A terrific way to do this with your favourite blooms is by transforming them into something new and exciting! Think drying, pressing… and more. Whether you’d like to preserve your wedding or anniversary flowers, a bouquet from a date, or simply bring your rose garden indoors for winter, read on to find out how to give your blooms eternal life.

drying flowers at home

4 ways to preserve fresh flowers at home

There are many ways to preserve fresh blooms, but we’ve chosen our top 4. These are all simple and easy to do at home – you don’t need to have done a course or have a workshop set up to complete these!

For all the below methods, aim to start the drying process as soon as possible – preferably before the buds are fully open, as they’re more likely to retain their colour this way.

1. Air drying

This is one of the simplest ways to dry your flowers and foliage and is efficient if you’re looking to dry a full bouquet.

Simply take your bouquet out of a vase of water and leave the stems to dry on a surface for 3-4 hours. You can also pat them dry with a towel. Remove any unwanted greenery and reinforce any weaker stems with wire.

air drying flowers

Once they’re dry, you’ll want to hang them upside down in a cool dry place. Because the moisture drains downwards, hanging it upside down helps to keep the tips looking full and lush.

We recommend attaching them to a line with an elastic band, so that the band can flex as the stems change shape and dehydrate. It’s best to hang them one by one to retain the best form, and avoid direct sunlight, as this can drain the colour of the flower or foliage.

Leave for at least a week, and voilà, your bouquet is dry! Want to find out more? Watch our founder, Kellie, show you how it’s done here.

air drying flowers

2. Pressing

An age-old method, pressing is a fantastic way to preserve singular, delicate flowers. Note, this method only really works for flatter flowers and stems.

Cut your flower to the desired length and remove any unwanted leaves. If you have a flower press, you can continue by following the instructions on your device. If not, don’t worry! Simply find a heavy object to press it with – a hardback book is perfect for this.

Open the book and line both open pages with wax paper and baking parchment to protect your book’s pages. Place your flower in the book in the position you’d like, and gently shut it. For the best results, weigh it down with another heavy item. Another hardback book works well. Leave for at least a week, until fully dry.

pressing flowers

3. Silica sand

Silica sand, also known as silica gel (though it’s not actually a gel!), helps to keep preserved flowers closest to their original form. It’s a wonderful way to retain colour and structure, and it keeps the flower whole. Though, we wouldn’t recommend it for a full bouquet – it can be very time consuming and uses a lot of space!

There are two ways you can preserve flowers with silica sand. For the impatient amongst us, or if you’re up against a time limit for a gift, you’ll be glad to know you can microwave your blooms dry!

Simply put a couple of centimetres of silica sand in a bowl. Add the flower you’d like to preserve, and cover with more sand. You can leave this for a week, and it will dry out.

Or, if you’d like to dry your flower faster, pop the bowl in the microwave next to another container filled with hot water. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time, until the flower is completely dry. Leave for 24 hours in the silica sand.

preserving flowers with silica sand

4. Resin

To preserve flowers in resin, you’ll need to have pre-dried your flowers using one of the above methods. Before starting with the resin, make sure you’re wearing protective gear, such as a mask and gloves!

Simply find your mould of choice and pour in some resin – but don’t fill it to the top. Use tweezers to place your flowers into the mould in the way that you’d like, along with any other additions, and then add a final layer of resin to fill up the mould. Pop any air bubbles with a toothpick. Leave for 24 hours to let the resin cure.

preserving flowers with resin

Give your blooms eternal life

You should now be ready to preserve your favourite flowers and keep the memories lasting an eternity. If you love the dried flower and foliage look, but haven’t got time to create it yourself, take a look at the new Fig & Bloom dried flowers range. Send the perfect bouquet to a loved one or treat yourself today!

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