Spring Flowers in Australia: Seasonal Blooms Guide

Spring Flowers in Australia: Seasonal Blooms Guide

As the birds start chirping, the natural surroundings regain their bright and bold hues, and the days get warmer and longer, we know that spring is on the horizon. And with spring comes various gorgeous, seasonal fresh flowers.

At Fig & Bloom, we’re all about using seasonal blooms wherever possible. And we think it’s important to let you, our customers, know which flowers grow naturally at this time of year. Not only does it serve to help local businesses in Australia with their fresh flower harvest, but picking seasonal blooms is also a more sustainable option. Read on to find out what blooms to aim for this season.

Prague bouquet by Fig & Bloom

Fig & Bloom’s favourite flowers in season this spring


Sporting stunning, delicate leaves and donning a rainbow of colours, the Ranunculus is one of our springtime favourites. But make sure to enjoy them while you still can! The Ranunculus, or buttercup, starts to bloom in late winter, but makes way for other spring blooms early in the season.

Get your hands on them now, finding them centre stage in our arrestingly romantic Prague bouquet.



Springtime calls for Peony mania! These flowers are without doubt one of the best-loved in the industry, and by customers. Blooming between late October and November, Peonies produce gorgeous double flowers on the pink and red end of the spectrum, ranging from pastel blush tones, through to deep crimson. Watch these flowers pop in the vibrant Venice bouquet!


“Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom” (Matshona Dhliwayo). Yet, luckily for us, spring is the optimal time for Roses in Australia. We’re obsessed with these flowers – along with the rest of the world. But do you really blame us?

You can currently find Roses in a whole host of our bouquets: Marseille, Verona, Lucerne, Osaka, Cannes, Sorrento, and Kowloon.



Another household favourite, the bold brights of Tulips create a statement in any bouquet – whether as part of a wider arrangement, or standalone. Find them in bright whites, reds, oranges, and yellows, or in deep purples and burgundies.

Our perfectly pink Florence bouquet and the striking Kowloon bunch feature these cute little buds.


If native flowers are what you’re after, look no further than the Waratah. Watch their distinctive bright pink or red flowers appear in late spring and enjoy them for the few weeks they’re available. While their season may be short, they have a long vase life at around 2 weeks – so make sure to grab a bunch as soon as they’re available!

At Fig & Bloom, we love working with native Australian flowers. Keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming bouquets featuring these wonderful stems!

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace, also known as Bishop’s Lace, Wild Carrot and Bird’s Nest, is one of our favourite foliage-style flowers – and they really make a bouquet dazzle. With lace-like flowers and fern-like leaves on long stems, they both add a wildness and softness to any bunch of blooms.

Find these delicate clusters of flowers in our Weimar bouquet.

native flowers


Snapdragons get their name from their dragon-snout-shaped flowers that adorn the length of their stems. These tall beauties come in stunning pastel pinks, corals, and purples, as well as richer, brighter tones. The height and delicacy that these blooms give to a bouquet make them a firm Fig & Bloom favourite.

Discover their charm in the Lucerne, Prague and San Sebastian bouquets.


Not just easy on the eyes, but the nose too, Lavender adds another dimension to a bunch of blooms. These woody and wildflowers are known to add an air of calm and relaxation to a room, reducing stress and even some other related ailments. Whether you enjoy Lavender fresh or dried, these are certainly not one to be missed in your floral arrangements this season.

San Sebastian bouquet by Fig & Bloom

Spring into action!

The above 8 flowers are just some of our springtime favourites. Armed with this knowledge, you should be ready to pick some beautiful seasonal arrangements for your own dining room centrepiece, or as a gift for a friend.

We rotate our arrangements each season so that we can incorporate as many seasonal flowers as possible – both to support our local farmers around Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and to help reduce the environmental consequences that imported fresh flowers can bring.

Ready to get shopping for spring flowers? Visit our bouquets today to find the perfect seasonal arrangement.

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